"Extremist students" take over Newcastle mosque

Opening ceremony of Bilal Masjid in Newcastle

Why are they here?

HARDLINE international students have wrested control of a major NSW mosque, ousting the local cleric amid accusations the group is rapidly converting followers to extremist Islam.

Mr Kara said the international students were aged between 20 and 30, and were known to make home visits to members of the port city’s 600-strong Muslim population to preach their beliefs.

Andrew Bolt

Up to 150 university students from Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Egypt who follow the fundamentalist Wahabbism ideology were central to the overthrow at the weekend of the executive board of the Newcastle Muslim Association.

Deposed association president Yunus Kara yesterday accused the students of pushing for new leadership of the port city’s mosque in order to advance their own extremist agenda and continue “brainwashing” local Muslims…

Newcastle Mosque’s deposed imam, Bilal Kanj, who was also voted out on the weekend, said while the students openly denied their Wahabbi beliefs and radical Koranic interpretations, they were converting people during prayer group meetings and other religious gatherings.

Just wondering:

Is there one mosque, just ONE, in all of Australia that doesn’t advocate sharia, polygamy, wife-beating, child-marriage, FGM, killing of apostates, genocide on Jews, jihad and  hatred of unbelievers?

10 thoughts on “"Extremist students" take over Newcastle mosque”

  1. They need to put a couple Australian-rules football teams in there with those boy-lovers and let the footballers kick some serious ass.

    Then drag every one of those Islamist dirtbags to the nearest port, throw them into the deepest hold of the shittiest tramp steamer heading north, and ship them back to sand so they can jack-off there, instead of in beautiful Australia.

  2. I predict that our time is coming for an overthrow of the whole ideology and to boot it out of Australia for good.

    BRING IT ON!!!


  3. * Why are they here?

    To make a wonderful contribution to Australia’s rich tapestry of multicultural diversity and interfaith harmony, and to support the growing workforce of diversity officers and cultural sensitivity trainers.

  4. Deport them. Folks, you have to write often to the Feds to make it happen. Write also to the AFP, and to the NSW state government. We do not need these violent cretins in Australia, and YOU have to work hard to get rid of them. START WRITING, NOW!!!

  5. Anyone in OZ doubt that you are actually under attack ?
    As we all are
    Time for them to go – practice their ‘beliefs’ in their own backyards
    ‘What are they doing here ‘? sums it up

  6. Well you’d think that all them, err moderates would of told them Wahabies to go and get stuffed hey. But once again NOOOOOOOO they roll over like good dogs and start practicing what the Koran is all about.

    Oh it doesn’t bode well for my beloved Australia 🙁 .

  7. I hope all the true blue Aussies in the port city of Newcastle and home of the University of Newcastle, will get together with the wharfies and the miners, and the fottie teams -all codes, and the student unions, and belt the shit out of the lot of them.

    Our rules, our country. Time to kick heads.

    No one else is listening to our pleas so it is time to take action into our own hands. NOW, NOW, NOW.

    Lets get organized. NOW, NOW NOW.

  8. When l read the headline “Extremist students take over Newcastle Mosque”, the first thought that came to mind was that a Student Union had turned a Mosque into a bedsit for poor, starving students. Alas when l read on l found that the real story was alot more alarming.

    Why do these so called “Moderate” Muslims just roll over and let these extremists take over? Was this the plan all along or are the afraid for their lives if they go against this group?

    Why doesn’t our hand wringing bleeding heart government see what is going on in this great country? If they don’t grow a scrote and do something to stop the rot now, then Australia will go from being known as “The Lucky Country” where if one works hard, they can acheive anything, to being “Allah’s Paradise Sharia Resort” where if one has independant thought they could face death.

    l said to friends about 7 years ago that Australians will be in a Civil war with the Muslim population in around 50 years, but the way things are going l now think it will be within the next 10 – 15 years.

  9. al-Kidya

    It could be sooner than that. History shows us from when Islam first enters a land, within one hundred years thereafter, there is civil war.

    University of Newcastle is where I attended until 2002. Not one turban, hijab, strap beard or other Islamic paraphernalia to be seen. What a change in less than ten years.

    It will not be the fault of the Australian people when this revolt of its citizens takes place – the blame must be placed on the failure of our governments to listen to its people, and in not to protecting us. They turn a blind eye to our problem, in fact they say there is no problem.

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