France: Burqa Ban Causes Jihad

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French senate passes face-veil ban

Too little too late. A band aid, no more. The police is unable to enforce this law, because the soldiers of Allah will riot instantly to prevent enforcement. Even so, most of them are on the dole, and they can’t be forced to pay from their minimum allowance. France will go down with the hideous shrouds as the jihad continues…..

The French senate has voted in favour of a bill to ban face-covering veils in public, a proposal that has sparked fierce debate in a country that is home to Western Europe’s largest Muslim population.

Senators approved the measure by 246 votes to one, with most opposition senators abstaining in protest.

The law has already been passed by the national assembly but still has to be vetted by the constitutional council, France’s highest legal body.

Critics of the proposed law hope that the council will overturn the bill.

Some rights groups have voiced concerns that the legislation risks raising Islamophobia, in a country where some Muslim women already face harrassment for wearing the veil.

If implemented, women caught wearing face veils in public places, including streets, markets, government buildings, private businesses and public transport would be fined $190.

Tougher penalties

Men who force their wives or daughters to cover for religious reasons would face tougher penalties of up to $38,685 and a one-year jail term.

Upper house approves bill outlawing wearing of garment in public places, amid concerns move may heighten Islamophobia.

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Resisting Islam causes jihad:

Eiffel Tower – 25 000 evacuated

FRENCH police evacuated 2000 people from the Eiffel Tower and the park surrounding the iconic Paris landmark today following a bomb alert. (Herald Sun)

8 thoughts on “France: Burqa Ban Causes Jihad”

  1. Viva le France
    its about time some one in the world had the balls to stand up to this lot, its a perfect idea if they brake the law by wearing the rag on their heads then don’t entertain them, no bread, no dole money don’t serve them in any shop,
    now we just need the Police to break up the praying in the streets of Paris.
    Paris is a lovely city and the French are nice people but the muslims will turn it into a shit hole as they do everywhere they live.

  2. Whether the police can enforce this or not is totally irrelevant. If every muslim went out on the street with their face veiled it would still make no difference.
    It is VERY important that a precedent has been made and now people who refuse to employ anyone wearing a veil, or won’t let a masked person into the bank, or refuses to allow a masked person to pick up children from school, is backed by the law.

    NO more ‘being arrested for offending a muslim’ whenever when one refuses to accommodate an anonymous, masked bandit!

    When the temp. falls bellow -20C, we all cover our faces with scarves outside, but we take them off when we enter a post office, shop, bank, house etc. These people don’t, they can’t come in.

    As to the women who say that they will no longer leave the house, their choice, their loss.

  3. On the one hand, ‘islam is peace”, and terrorism is “unislamic”, but
    on the other hand …

    Malaysia Islamic party says veil ban could spark terrorism

    [ Malaysia’s Islamic opposition party said Wednesday that a vote by French lawmakers to outlaw the full-face veil had angered Muslims and could trigger terrorist attacks.

    The Pan-Malaysia Islamic Party (PAS) said France should adopt a path of engagement with Muslims instead of introducing the controversial bill.]

    * Why should anyone “engage” with muslims, just because they might (will) carry out terrorist attacks. No point “engaging” with a toothache, when a dentist can cure it, one way or another.

  4. Meanwhile, in Victoria, dhimmis are forced to cover up when muslims are swimming in the Dandenong pool … not discrimination, it allows people (muslims) to participate (on their terms):

    Bare skin ban for Muslim pool event
    By Mark Doman

    [The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) has banned people exposing their shoulders and thighs at an event at a public swimming pool in Dandenong, in Melbourne’s south-east.

    The Dandenong City Council and the YMCA applied for the ban to be implemented during swimming lessons for Muslim women scheduled for next August.

    It will apply to both Muslims and non-Muslims attending the event.]

    [Victoria’s Equal Opportunities Commissioner says the ban must be put into perspective.

    Helen Szoke says the restrictions apply to a two-hour, after hours swimming session, targeted at multi-faith groups.

    “People are not obliged to attend, minimum standards of dress are very common and where minimum standards of dress are identified on occasions it’s often to allow people to participate,” she said. ]

    * But try setting a minimum standard of dress that excludes face coverings and masks, & watch the EOC Commissioner go on the attack.

  5. The French Leaders may allwish to read this report on Shariah Law from The Center For Security Policy.
    Charles Jacobs ow said this about the report: Today, an extraordinarily impressive team of former U.S government officials, scholars and policy analysts from the national security and defense communities, is issuing a significant challenge to the reigning current political view that we need to appease, contain, or ignore the Islamist threat. Labeling their effort “Team B II” – after an analogous effort that overturned our “containment” strategy and led to the defeat of the Soviet Union, this Team B campaign seeks to have American policy makers confront the threat to our civilization posed by Islamic Shariah Law. Below is the opening announcement. Read it carefully to better understand the failure of our leadership class and what must be done to protect our society and values.

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