Germany: Red Carpet Reception for Gitmo Terrorists

For the German Narrenschiff   it is  full steam ahead into the  multicultural  abyss:

Because all this cultural enrichment and outreaching is working so well, Germany has generously offered a pension plan to 2 incarcerated Gitmo terrorists, and one of them has already arrived:

His name is Ayman Muhammad Ahmad al-Shurafa, and for reasons which must be kept secret from ordinary folks this ‘Palestinian’  is unable to return to his homeland, where is is dearly missed. For now he gets room service 24/7….. (More from PI, in German Ein neues Talent mit Rundumbetreuung )

Update 1:

Before the new arrivals got heir feet on the ground, there was already  the first controversy:  Federal Minister of the Interior de Maizière, who had declared the two “harmless”, wanted to have their activities supervised and asked for surveillance from the secret service. For the do-gooders in the land that was all too much: anything less than blind faith would be insulting to the guests from Gitmo….. (more from PI- Kontrolle ist gut, Vertrauen ist besser)

Update 2:

The freshly released Gitmo headbangers might feel perfectly at home in this environment:

Muslim group, “Einladung zu Paradies” (radical form of Islam), founded by German convert Pierre Vogel,  takes to the streets of Germany to stage a massive proselytization of young people. But the German people are having none of it.

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  1. I don’t understand some politicians to day, they fight or they help terrorists ?
    I know war brings good $ but spending for security is also costing lives & $
    I think all citizens of the world should start to learn more about shity politics

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