Glenn Beck Show, September 29 – Dinesh D’Souza and ‘The Roots of Obama’s Rage’

Analyze this:

the psychology of the  Muslim POTUS Obama:

Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck Show, September 29, 2010. Beck’s guest was Dinesh D’Souza, author of the newly-released book, The Roots of Obama’s Rage. D’Souza will return for tonight’s show. (Thanks to RBO)

You must watch this.


“All your internet are belong to us”

Taranto: Obama Likes First Amendment for Mosque, Why Not for Fox?

For Hussein Obama, Fox is “destructive,” but MSNBC libtalkers Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann “provide an invaluable service.”  (Service, that’s what its all about. If you don’t service the Muslim POTUS,  you are ‘destructive’…..

Yes, there is a deeper First Amendment double standard at work here, as Taranto notes…… (Newsbusters)

As Obama Pretends at Its Freedom, His Gov’t Plans Takeover of Internet

Obama’s Federal Communications Commission Chairman, Julius Genachowski, has been angling to use telephone regulations from the 1930s to try and take over full control of the Internet.

One wonders how Obama can have the gall to claim that he wants a “free and open” Internet when he is trying to take control of it himself? How long would the Internet stay “free and open” once the federal government takes hold of it and begins to decide what will be allowed and not allowed over it’s infrastructure?

As always, Barack Obama talks out of both sides of his mouth claiming all at once that he is for open access, and promoting new technologies and businesses while at the same time making plans for Bi Government to control it all from Washington.  (Gateway)

Take a closer look at Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar”

…..but don’t wait for Van Jones to ever create a job other than his own: