I guess we're just not tolerant enough….

Watch this if you dare:

Christians are burned alive by Muslims  2010

Thanks to Vlad Tepes


You know that youtube will pull this vid before the end of the day. Watch it if you have the guts for it…..

Just following the commands of Muhammad:

Muslim persecution of Hindus in West Bengal: ignored in the West, not spoken of in India

Disgusting: Tommy Robinson Turned Back at JFK

More tolerance is deadly:

The rotating prison doors of the Islamic world:

Weasel links:

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood on Koran Burning: Demands Expulsion of U.S. Diplomats Until Obama Admin “Takes Action Against This Heinous Crime”

Cowards: Associated Press Says It Won’t Distribute Photos of Burning Korans or Provide Detailed Text Descriptions…Update: Had No Problem Showing Burned Bible…

Iraq: Islamist Gunmen Carry Out Premature “Revenge” Attack on Baghdad Anglican Church, Four Killed…

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  1. Use FireFox to download these videos so we can preserve them. If you link to YouTube, it’s worthless for preservation.

    Someone must have grabbed it?

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