Jackson's Acid Test

If I said ‘put him in acid’ you would call me a ‘racist’, and that would make you what…?

Jesse Jackson: “Unsound” to Link Islam With 9/11, “It’s Morally Right to Let Islamists Build a Mosque Next to Ground Zero”… (Weasel Zippers)

Because everyone knows it was actually da Joooos (or Hymies as Jackson refers to them) that carried out 9/11. And yes, he really said “it’s morally right to let Islamists” build next to Ground Zero…

(The Hill)– Rev. Jesse Jackson said Saturday that allowing the mosque project near Ground Zero was a test of tolerance that the U.S. would pass, stressing that associating Islam with the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks was “unsound.”

“Many immediately associated that with Islam, which is just unfounded, untrue,” Jackson said on Al-Jazeera. “Muslims were killed and Christians and Jews, black white and brown in the attack 9/11.”

To group one religion with the attack “is just fundamentally wrong, it is unsound,” Jackson said.

“And so we argue that the cultural center should exist in downtown New York if that’s the choice of Islamists because that’s a constitutional right, it’s morally right,” he added.

Jackson was asked whether the controversy was an “acid test” of whether the U.S. had become less tolerant.

“It’s an acid test but we’ll pass the test,” the civil rights activist and two-time presidential hopeful said.

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