Dhimmi Christian Arab Joseph Wakim claims 'Muslims are reasonable people'

Not that anyone would have noticed. But Joseph has been beating the victimization drum on end. Joseph Wakim is a former multicultural affairs commissioner and the founder of the Australian Arabic Council. Lets play “spot the difference” between race huckster Al Sharpton and this ambulance chaser.

The Australian

Imagine if Muslims worldwide held Christians to ransom, asking them to defend the “International Burn a Koran Day”, and how this fits into our religion of peace.

If such a day were declared in Australia, it could be legally challenged under the federal Racial Hatred Act for inciting violence. (Islam is not a race, Joseph. Islam is a violent ideology in the guise of religion) The bonfire idea is provocative for other salient reasons. In Arabic, perhaps the worst profanities sworn mean “burn your religion”. It is grossly confrontational for Christians and Muslims. Second, Muslims worldwide are celebrating Eid al-Fitr, the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.

(Australians don’t give a rats ass about eid, Joseph. But just to remind you: we have had a gut full of confrontational Islamic welfare seekers. We have more than enough of Islamic criminals and terrorists who abuse our hospitality. Perhaps you need to get off the couscous and start eating humble pie for once!)

Rise of Islamophobia swells Muslim vulnerability

Geller: Victimizers Play the Victim

In “Victimizers Play the Victim” in Human Events today, Pamela Geller discusses the ongoing campaign by Islamic supremacist groups, abetted by the mainstream media, to divert attention away from Islamic jihad activity and claim privileged victim status for Muslims in America:

Muslims in the U.S. are not the ones living under death threat. People who are standing up to jihad activity and Islamic supremacism are. They are not the ones targeted. We are. They are not getting death threats. We are. They don’t have to live with 24/7/365 heavy duty security, Geert Wilders does. Wafa Sultan, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Robert Spencer, Ibn Warraq, Salman Rushdie, the producers from Comedy Central, and accidental counter-jihad tourists like Molly Norris live under death threat. As do I.Good, decent souls speaking out against a radical ideology, gender apartheid and supremacism are demonized and marginalized.

But the media blacks that out. They never report on that. Their narrative of Muslims “living in fear,” and worse still, living in fear on the anniversary of 9/11, is the ultimate insult.

The AP is alleging that Muslims are in fear of 911. Why? We were attacked by Muslim terrorists. What has the Muslim community, the ummah, done to eradicate the ideology that inspired those attacks? Or the Fort Hood jihad, the Fort Dix Six, the Christmas day bomber, the Times Square bomber?

We have waited patiently, have we not? What efforts, in the past nine years, have been made to expunge the Koran of its genocidal prescriptions? With the exception of dawah (proselytizing) camouflaged as “interfaith dialogue,” nothing has been done. The West, meanwhile, has bent over backwards in “outreach,” “mutual understanding,” and “mutual respect.” Where is the reciprocity? And where has it gotten us, except further down the rabbit hole?

Real fear is living as a non-Muslim in Muslim countries under the Sharia. Real fear is living as a Coptic Christian in Egypt. Real fear is living as a Christian in Indonesia. Real fear is a girl going to school in Afghanistan, real fear is being an Israeli awaiting the Islamic nuke, real fear is being a Jew in Europe, or a pro-Israel Jew on many U.S. college campuses. And on and on and on.

First, the concrete facts. Hate crimes directed against Muslims remain relatively rare, according to the latest FBI report. So all this push back by the bullies is a tactic.

We are now being clubbed with two reports of mosque incidents in Tennessee and California. Mind you, many recent mosque incidents have been discovered to have been faked by Muslims, so let’s wait to see who is arrested. And no matter who is responsible, Muslims or non-Muslims, they should prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Synagogues have been desecrated and attacked in record numbers, but no one talks about that. Real attacks. Anti-semitism is at record highs worldwide, the highest since World War II. But only this relentless nonexistent “Islamophobia” gets played on an endless loop, a psy-op on the American psyche–and we are tired of it.

Defense against Islamic jihad is a healthy response to a mortal enemy….

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  1. i am surprised anyone who reads such crap can actually read. You guys are the biggest jokes of nature. Islam isn’t anymore of a cult than Judaism or Christianity. Pamela Geller? seriously? she couldn’t be any more jewish and pro-israeli – Surprise, surprise she hates muslims. Get a life you right wing nuts looking for any pretext to attack others to satisfy your own lonely, meaningless lives.

    1. Coming from a “white guy” who represents the world greatest cesspool of illiterate rabble? From a jihadist who believes killing Jews is a religious obligation?

      Sure. We will take you seriously. The day when you realize how meaningless your zebiba is….

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