Merkel: xenophobia is worse than… Islam?

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Merkel gets the message; sort of:

Merkel says violence of Muslim youths is a problem in Germany (but xenophobia is worse than Muselmanic rapists, drug-dealers, Islamic welfare bludgers & killers, right?)

‘This is a big problem and we can talk about it openly, without arousing suspicions of xenophobia,’ Merkel said in the interview Bild am Sonntag.  Merkel said it was important not to associate violence with a particular religion. (F*#k! Where did I hear that before?)

Australia, update:

Ameer Ali’s son involved in Sex-for-Marks scandal

Dr Nasrul Ameer Ali, son of a prominent Australian Islamist Dr Ameer Ali, was fired from his academic position at Murdoch University for trying to get sexual favours from his female students in exchange for higher or simply “pass” marks. (source) Thanks to Islamist Monitor

His father, Dr Ameer Ali, who also works as lecturer at Murdoch University, told that the report allowed for “no natural justice”.
“It’s their word against him. There was no recommendations made, they just took the students’ word and that was it,” Dr Ali senior said. (source)

Too easy: what we need is sharia, and  Ameer’s filius would have never been accused in the first place!  How did these A-soles get in the country?   A man of influence/read it all


Woman to Receive 99 Lashes for Bareheaded Photo…

That’s before she’s being stoned to death….

Kerala, India:

Professor Whose Hand was Chopped off by Muslims is Fired for Hurting Muslim Feelings…

You gotta get them when they’re down. Muslim soldiers know this….


Catholic church hall to be converted to mosque in Nova Scotia

Sydney – A Catholic church hall will be converted into a mosque in Sydney, Nova Scotia. The building will be used for prayers, meetings, educating children in the Muslim faith and as a community outreach centre.

The building will be renovated and get a new roof before it is used for worship.
“This is one of the greatest things I’ve heard so far,” Archbishop Vincent Waterman, head of the nearby African Orthodox Church said to CBC News.  “As a prayer centre, I welcome it. When you take roots in a community such as this, it shows that you’re going to stay for a while. You’re putting down roots.”

You ain’t seen nothing yet, Archbishop. ‘They’re putting down roots’, yes, but they’ll rip yours out….... (Digitaljournal)

4 thoughts on “Merkel: xenophobia is worse than… Islam?”

  1. Have you seen the story on the Vlad Tepes blog that suggests Sarrazin could win circa 17-20% of the German vote if he ran for office? Very interesting. He ought to have a word with Wilders and set up a German equivalent of the PVV:

    The anti-Islamisation movement in France struggled to get a decent turnout for its Grand Apéritif Républicain protest last night. Its twenty or so demonstrators in Toulouse were hounded by the leftists of MRAP (the French equivalent of the UK’s UAF) as can be seen in footage posted here:

  2. Phew, I’m glad Murdoch university fired that pervert!
    I’m surprised though as to how the uni could have missed it. I thought they did a thorough check on all employees before employing them. If they hadn’t fired him I was ready to transfer to another uni. As it is we have heaps of muslim students studying here. The muslim guys are the worst. They have no respect for Australian women and constantly refer to us as whores, plus they constantly harrass you. Either wanting sexual favors or they try to convert you to islam.
    I just wanna finish my degree and get the heck outta there!

  3. Angela Merkel is an idiot. They blame her in Germany for most of their woes and with good reason. The Turks laugh at her for the simpleton she is. Between her and the Greens they are slowly bringing Germany to its knees. When I lived there in the 70’s and 80’s the Turks were making inroads then doing the jobs the Germans would not do like cleaning toilets and public amenities. well Germany, time to clean your own toilets again and chuck the Islam shit out of there. They have changed the face of Germany and these changes will be felt for centuries.

    They have now overburdened the economy which was once one of Europe’s finest. It can only be downhill all the way until they get rid of Merkel. My family there are furious. Germans can no longer speak in their own country. Now, where have I heard this before? Could be USA or was it Australia? Look at Erdogan in the photo – the Muslims love idiots like her. So passive and easy to “handle” and they believe every word of their taqiyya.

  4. Angela Merkel should read Political Islam and Prophet of Doom.
    These to sites might, just might change her opinion on Islam.

    The didn’t change my opinion but they sure added to my knowledge about all the books of Islam and the political goal of Islamic shariah.

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