Mural Removed. Progressives Delighted. Muslims Win Again….

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Tim Blair:

It’s his wall, so he can paint what he wants. The local council, however, is unimpressed:

Marrickville Council said that while it had no legal right under graffiti laws to remove the mural, it was “continuing to pursue other means of having the image/symbol removed.”

In other words, they want to conceal concealment and ban talk of banning.

The enlightened progressives agree. Who needs freedom of expression anyhow?

Paul Cogan from the PUNCH:

There are varying viewpoints on Sergio Redegalli’s “Say no to burqas” mural, but only one way to look at his facial hair.

Say no to crap beards

It’s unAustralian. There should be a law against this. Could the council make him get rid of it?

Take a look at this moonbattery: its all about  the”rights of muslim women to wear the burqa”, but not the rights of  Sergio Redegalli to paint a mural on a building he owns.

I have a hunch that the people from PUNCH will not defend us from the multicultural nightmare they have inflicted on us, what say you?

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  1. As with Terry Jones and Draw Mo Day girl, Sergio backs down under extreme pressure (death threats?) and paints over his mural, becoming an object of hate & ridicule in the process. Did this happen to those who painted “No War” on the Opera House, or did the enablers nurture them?
    Sydney has a long history of protest graffiti, including the “Eternity” man. Perhaps small and anonymous is a better approach – on power poles, bus stops etc? Anyone remember BUGA UP? They could do things with arabic script.

    The “Antifa”, with their flags, fists, ideology and enemies:

    [Our friends

    The only True antifascists are anti-capitalists and anti-nationalists.

    Marxists, anarchists, socialists, communists are the only true anti-fascists.

    Socialist alliance
    socialist alternative (trot)
    Communist party of australia
    Communist party of australia Marxist-Leninist (maoist)
    barricade bookstore (anarcho)
    jura books (anarcho)
    Black Rose books (anarcho)
    Socialist party australia (trot)
    Communist league
    Revolutionary socialist party
    Solidarity (trot)
    Trotskyist platform
    Socialist equality party

    Definately not Liberal Party, Labor, Greens and Democrats.
    One Response to “Our friends”

    haha antifa Says:
    May 12, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    Wow… What a list of SCUM!

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    [Our Enemies

    Our main Nazi/fascist Enemies around the world, and australia: (and of course capitalism as well):

    One nation:
    Pauline Hanson’s group, Pauline hanson a former Liberal Party Politician

    Australia First Party :
    Australia first party, founded along with One nation, they are the instigators of the CRONULLA RIOTS!

    Blood an honour
    Neo-nazi band promoting nazism, white supremacy etc.

    Storm front
    this website is very popular amongst racists, many racist aussies gather around stormfront.

    New right
    neo-nazi movement, calls for nationalism

    National anarchists
    Neo-nazi movement. Associating Anarchy with “The National Anarchists” is completely misleading and is out to confuse people with the very left wing ideology of anarchism. Ethnic and Extreme Nationalism is not affiliated with any socialist or communist or anarchist ideologies.

    Nationalist alternative

    Australian KKK (Ku Klux Klan)
    small and almost non existant nowadays.]


    Our goals are

    * To educate people with the horrible facts and ideas of nationalism, fascism, capitalism, racism, sexism, religious intolerence, homophobia, xenophobia, migrant discrimination….
    * Promote the workers struggle against Capitalism
    * To crush the fascists and other right wing bastards in australia
    * to attack capitalism head on
    * To protest against discrimination
    * To make the world a better place to live, for all humans for a classess international society]

    * “A One World State, with its human freight” (INXS), and who will lead this classless world society? (What will his number be? Where will he rule from?)

    * Looks like it is OK to “F___ Borders F___ Bosses F___ Racist Tossers”, among other things (free speech), but “No Burqa” is “racist” and verboten in the classless, raceless, bossless utopia:

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