OMG: if you don't love the Muslim Brotherhood you are "Ikhwanophobic"

Website takes on Muslim Brotherhood critics

Still don’t believe that Islam stunts mental growth? Here’s more proof:

Is there anyone  who doesn’t want to live under a despotic theocratic regime?

By Muhammad Shokry BBC News

Supporters of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood are squaring up to Western “Ikhwanophobes” – a term they have coined to refer to the group’s critics – via a new watchdog website. highlights articles and statements by prominent Western media and political figures that are critical of the Brotherhood and Islam.

In a section called Meet the Smearcasters, the site takes aim at Fox News personality Sean Hannity, televangelist Pat Robertson and far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, among others.

Western critics accuse the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest Islamist group in the Arab world, of spawning violent groups and seeking to establish an Islamic rule.

Sabotaging Our Miserable House

The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. […] It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is… (Gates of Vienna has more)

Exposing hatred

Through the Ikhwanophobia website, the Brotherhood’s sympathisers aggressively attempt to refute criticisms of the group and to show the world what they consider to be “the true face of moderate Islamists”.

The manager of the website, Omar Mazin, told the BBC that the site was launched in June to address Ikhwanophobia in the West – Ikhwan being the Arabic word for brotherhood.

The website defines Ikhwanophobes – another term it coined – as those who believe Muslim Brotherhood members are religious fanatics, violent towards non-Muslims, and contemptuous of values such as equality, tolerance and democracy.

The site operates without censorship or direct supervision from the Brotherhood’s leadership, Mr Mazin told the BBC, and is managed from Egypt and abroad in consultation with Arab and Western intellectuals and academics.

“We monitor the Ikhwanophobes and their allegations and republish their material and comment on it in order to expose the Islamophobes and Ikhwanophobes,” he says.

Mr Mazin says the website has made a “very good start”, but that it is too early to evaluate its success.

“We have reached new audiences and we have also run very important debates over the Muslim Brotherhood,” Mr Mazin said in a written statement to the BBC.

Controversial ideas

The Brotherhood has several websites, some directly run by the group and others by affiliates and sympathisers.

But the Ikhwanophobia website is unique in that it directly responds to criticism and accusations, and sometimes hits back at critics.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the oldest Islamist movement in the Arab world, established in 1928.

It has offshoots in many Arab countries and followers throughout Europe and the US. The Palestinian movement Hamas is considered one offshoot of the group.

In Egypt, the Brotherhood is officially banned, but politically tolerated.

It is regarded as the main political opposition. Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated members, running as independents, won 88 parliamentary seats in the 2005 polls – one-fifth of the total seats.

The group enjoys strong grassroots support at home for its development and charity work, but faces accusations abroad of seeking to impose an Islamic model of government.

The Brotherhood, which supports Hamas in what it views as the legitimate armed resistance against Israel, has also been much criticised in the West for its position on suicide attacks inside Israel.

The Brotherhood says it accepts their legitimacy when there are no other means available to “resist the Israeli occupation”.

Islamic rule?

The site claims to shed light on the Muslim Brotherhood’s stance on issues such as violence, terrorism and democracy.

In response to a query about its commitment to democracy, it says: “The Muslim Brotherhood believes that Islam has no identified shape of authority, Khilafah [caliphate] was the nature of its ages, and Muslims will develop their own style of leadership.

“The Koran and [Islamic texts]… do not force any regime or political regulations on the Muslims,” it adds in the section entitled Listen to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Michael Rubin, an analyst at the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington-based conservative think-tank, says it is “refreshing” when groups feel confident enough to argue their point of view directly, but says the site is not likely to have much impact on Western thinkers.

Ultimately, the Brotherhood will be judged on “its actions and not by a website”, Mr Rubin says.

There is also a fear that the website may divert from its original purpose, he says.

“The website might undercut its purpose by engaging too much in ad hominem attacks against individuals with whom it disagrees, rather than arguing proactively for what the Muslim Brotherhood believes,” Mr Rubin says.

The manager sees things differently.

“I believe that Ikhwanophobia will be one of the most important sources for researchers and academics who want to offer a real and true view on the Muslim Brotherhood,” says Mr Mazin.

For now, that view is shared by the Brotherhood’s deputy leader Muhammad Habib.

“This website is, certainly, a good step in defending the Muslim Brotherhood,” says Mr Habib.

“I think Ikhwanophobia will be influential in responding to any accusations and misperception and to the attempts to tarnish the group’s reputation,” he adds.

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5 thoughts on “OMG: if you don't love the Muslim Brotherhood you are "Ikhwanophobic"”

  1. Islamophobia strikes deep
    Into your heart it will creep
    It gets you on a plane or a train
    Never know when Mo’ll come
    And blow you away

  2. the lowdown on the muslim brotherhood is easy to find on the Internet –
    their propaganda should be the easiest thing in the world to pull to pieces .
    will the msm do what it should or will only a minority of people on websites like this know what’s going on ?
    When I say a minority , I think at least more and more people coming to websites like this but it really is a race agains time now

  3. So, are all of these ulema Islamophobes, then?

    “The nation of Islam will return – despite our current crisis and despite the arrogance of the West. The West is bound to be destroyed. Just like Allah destroyed the Byzantine and Persian empires, He will destroy the West at the hands of the Muslims. This is an unequivocal promise. These countries will convert to Islam. Islam will reach these countries.
    Let us examine the divine sequence: First, the Caliphate will return. Then, the Muslims will live in tremendous prosperity. The economy of the Muslims will be the strongest of all. You are probably thinking that I’m not well today if I say such things. By God, there’s nothing wrong with me. I am speaking words of truth.
    Great conquests will ensue. We will conquer Italy.
    By Allah, we will conquer Italy. By Allah, we will conquer Italy and move into [the rest] of Europe. Islam will enter that entire region. Even America, you ask? Yes, even America. North or south America? Both North and South America. We will enter all these countries, and people there will be joining Islam in droves.”—Egyptian Cleric Salem Abu Al-Futuh: We Will Conquer Italy and the Rest of Europe, as Well as North and South America; The West Will Convert to Islam

    “There is no doubt that a person whom Allah enables to sacrifice his soul, and to fight for the sake of Allah, has been graced with a great honor. The Prophet Muhammad said that the dust of battle for the sake of Allah and the smoke of Hell shall never meet in a man’s nose…Devotion to Jihad for the sake of Allah, and the desire to shed blood, to smash skulls and to sever limbs for the sake of Allah…is, undoubtedly, an honor for the believer…Allah said that if a man fights the infidels, the infidels will be unable to prepare to fight [the Muslims]…The Koranic verses that deal with fighting the infidels and conquering their countries say that they should convert to Islam, pay the jizya poll tax, or be killed. If the Muslims had implemented this, we would not have reached the humiliation in which we find ourselves today.”— Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Arifi: The Desire to Shed Blood, Smash Skulls, and Sever Limbs for the Sake of Allah Is an Honor for the Believer, al-Rahma TV [July 19, 2010],

    “The establishment of a Khalifah is seen as vital, because without Khilafah, Islam possibly be followed nor applied.

    We Must invite society to Islam and command the good and forbid evil publicly wherever we are and work to establish Islam in its totality through an intellectual and a political struggle not only to protect the lives, honor and Lands also liberate the humanity from the OPPRESSION (man-made-laws-which is Shirk) inshaAllah!”—“Lailat al-Isra wal Miraj in Context of the Present Situation of the Muslim Ummah”,

    “Nothing is more clear and explicit on this matter then the noble verse on the entrusting of the viceregency to the people of faith. “God has promised those of you who have faith and do good that He will make them vicegerents on earth [just as He made others vicegerents before them], that He will surely establish the religion that He has chosen for them, and that He will transform their state from their prior fear into security: ‘They shall worship [only) Me and associate nothing with Me'” (24:55). The final sentence of this verse considers the fact that when the governance of the Truth and the divine viceregency is established, the people of faith will be free from bonds of obedience to any tyrant. It is phrased “They shall worship [only] Me and associate nothing with Me” to make it clear that, according to the Qur’an, every act of obedience to an order constitutes worship. If it is for God, it is obedience to God, and if it is for other than God, it is shirk toward God.””—Levels and Degrees of Shirk (Part 1),

    “It’s known by necessity from the religion of the Muslims and by the agreement of all the Muslims (Ijmaa’), that he who permits the following of a religion other than the religion of Islam or following a law other than the Shari’ah of Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhe wassallam), then he is a Kafir.”—Majmoo’ al-Fataawaa 28/524, by Shaykh al-Islam ibn Taymiyyah

    “So whoever leaves the clear-cut Law revealed to Muhammad bin ‘Abdullah, the final of the Prophets, and refers to other sources for judgment, such as abrogated laws, then he is a Kafir.”—al-Bidaayah wan-Nihaayah 13/119, by Ismail ibn Kathir

    “There is no Eemaan [true faith] for the one who believes the laws of the people and their opinions are superior to the Hukm of Allaah and His Messenger or that they are equal to it or that they resemble it or who leaves it or replaces it with fabricated laws and institutions invented by people, even if he believes that the laws of Allaah are more encompassing and more just.”—”Risalaat Wujoob Tah’keem Sharee’at Allaa”’ p. 39, by Shaikh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Ibn ‘Abdullaah Ibn Baaz

    “And it is known by necessity in the Deen of the Muslims and by the agreement of all the Muslims that whoever follows a Sharee’ah other than the Sharee’ah of Muhammad then he is a Kaafir and it is like the Kufr of the one who believes in some of the Book and disbelieves in some of the Book.” –”al-Fataawa” vol. 28/524, by Sheik al-Islam ibn Taymiyyah

    “So whoever leaves the clear Sharee’ah, which was revealed to Muhammad Ibn Abdullah, the Seal of the Prophets, and takes the Hukm to other than it from the laws of Kufr which are abrogated, he has disbelieved. So what about the one who takes the Hukm to the ‘Yasaaq’ (the law of the Tartars which mixed Sharee’ah rulings with invented rulings) and puts it before it?! Whoever does that, he has disbelieved by the Ijmaa’ of the Muslims.” –”al-Bidaayah wa Nihaayah” vol. 13/ 119 by Ismail ibn Kathir

    Allah says in His Noble Book: “It is those who believe and confuse not their belief with Zulm (oppression), for them (only) there is security and they are the guided”. [Qur’an 6:82]
    What does ‘Zulm’ (oppression) mean here? As explained in the noble Hadeeth of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wassalam, ‘zulm’ is to do shirk, i.e. associate partners with Allah – so those who do no shirk, they are the ones for whom there is security in the Hereafter, and only they are the guided ones!

    i) that shirk is the greatest sin, and
    ii) that shirk and disbelief in Allah is a very weird and unnatural thing to do, because we are completely dependent and desperately in need of Allah, Our Creator. Allah is in no need of us, and we do not, in any way increase His unlimited richness.”–THE ORIGINS OF SHIRK, by Shaykh Muhammad Naasirud-Deen al-Albaanee [al-Ibaanah][1],

    “The first type is when the Hukm of Allah is removed and replaced with another Taghuutee Hukm, so that the Hukm of the Shari’ah is eliminated between the people and he puts in its place another Hukm from the fabrication of the humans and they remove the laws of the Shari’ah concerning the Mu’amalah (i. e. the general actions between people) and they put in its place fabricated laws and this, without doubt, is Istib’daal (i. e. replacement) of the Shari’ah of Allah subhaanahuu wa-ta’ala, with other than it. And this is Kufr which removes one from the Milla because this person put himself at the level of the Creator because he shara’a (legislated) for the slaves of Allah that which Allah ta’ala did not give permission for and that is Shirk in His, ta’ala’s saying: “Or have they partners with Allâh (false gods), who have instituted for them a religion, which Allâh has not allowed?” (Ash-Shu’ara, 21)”—Shaikh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-’Uthaymeen’s “Fiqh al-’Ebaadaat”, #60

    “[Shaykh Sulayman Ibn Sahman said] Al-Fitnah’ is the Kufr. So if all the Bedouins and the city dwellers (i.e. all the people) fight until they are all gone, that would be less severe than them establishing a Taghut in the land who rules with what contradicts the Shari’ah of Islam.”–Shaykh ‘Ali al-Khudayr’s “al-Jam’u Wat-Tajrid Fi Sharhi Kitab at-Tawhid”, p. 121 [from the chapter “Calling to the Testimony of ‘La Ilaha Ill-Allah”], (quoted in the essay “Voting For Man-Made Law” here:

    “Muhammad al-Amîn ash-Shanqîtî said, “And with these Heavenly texts that we have mentioned, it becomes quite clear that the ones who follow the fabricated laws, which the Shaytân has legislated upon the tongues of his allies and which oppose that which Allâh, the Powerful, the Most High, has legislated upon the tongues of His Messengers, peace be upon them, that no one doubts their Kufr and their Shirk except he whom Allâh has removed his sight and has blinded them to the light of the revelation as they are.”—Muhammad al-Amîn ash-Shanqîtî, (quoted in the essay “Voting For Man-Made Law” here:

    “As for those amongst the people who vote for them (i.e. Members of Parliament), they are committing Kufr as well, because according to the representative democracy, the voters are in reality delegating them to practice the mastership of Shirk – legislating beside Allâh – on their behalf. Thus the voters give the members of parliament the right to implement Shirk, and set them up – through their voting – as legislating lords beside Allâh.”—Shaykh ‘AbdulQâdir bin ‘Abdul‘Azîz (quoted in the essay “Voting For Man-Made Law” here:

    “Whoever does not rule in accordance with that which Allah has revealed because he thinks little of it or looks down on it or believes that something else is better than it and more beneficial to people or is equal to it, is a kaafir whose kufr puts him beyond the pale of Islam. That includes those who promulgate laws for people that are contrary to Islamic laws, to be a system that the people follow. They only promulgate those laws that are contrary to Islamic laws because they believe that they are better and more beneficial for people, because it is known on the basis of reason and sound human nature that no one turns away from one path to a different path unless he believes that what he has turned to is better and what he has turned away from is lacking.”— Shaikh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-’Uthaymeen’s “Sharh al-Usool al-Thalaathah”

    “To declare ‘La ilaha illa Allah’ is not a guarantee that will bring a Muslim to heaven, and this declaration is useless without…implementation of all its meanings in real life.”—Ahmad Hamdani, “Hakekat Tauhid”, Salafy 20 (1997): 35-40

    “Jihad during the time of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) was a fard kifayah, though it is also alleged that it was a fard ‘ayn….
    If they remain in their own territories, then…As long as a sufficient number of Muslims undertake it [jihad], the remainder are released from this duty.”–“Al-Minhaj of Imam Nawawi” by Shafi’i faqih Imam Nawawi, quoted in “Jihad” by Hasan al-Banna,

    “The arguments regarding the jihad being a religious obligation, both in the Qur’an and in the Sunnah, are too numerous to be set down here. Nevertheless, it is a fard kifayah as long as some people are fulfilling this fard kifayah then the rest are absolved from the duty. Otherwise, it is an fard ‘ayn incumbent on every adult by law until the duty is fulfilled. Similarly, it is a fard ‘ayn also on those people who are ordered to jihad by the Imam.”—al-Shawkani’s “al-Sayl al-Jarrar”, quoted in “Jihad” by Hasan al-Banna,

    “Jihad is a fard kifayah. If a group of people engage in it, the remainder are released.”—“al-Mughni” by ibn Qudama (Hanbali madhhab), quoted in “Jihad” by Hasan al-Banna,

    “This is the ruling of Allaah and His Messenger, as the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever changes his religion, kill him.” (reported by al-Bukhaari, al-Fath, no. 3017).
    (2) The one who has known the religion which Allaah revealed, entered it and practised it, then rejected it, despised it and left it, is a person who does not deserve to live on the earth of Allaah and eat from the provision of Allaah.
    (3) By leaving Islaam, the apostate opens the way for everyone who wants to leave the faith, thus spreading apostasy and encouraging it.
    (4) The apostate is not to be killed without warning. Even though his crime is so great, he is given a last chance, a respite of three days in which to repent. If he repents, he will be left alone; if he does not repent, then he will be killed.
    (5) If the punishment for murder and espionage (also known as high treason) is death, then what should be the punishment for the one who disbelieves in the Lord of mankind and despises and rejects His religion? Is espionage or shedding blood worse than leaving the religion of the Lord of mankind and rejecting it?
    (6) None of those who bleat about personal freedom and freedom of belief would put up with a neighbour’s child hitting their child or justify this as “personal freedom,” so how can they justify leaving the true religion and rejecting the sharee’ah which Allaah revealed to teach mankind about His unity and bring justice and fairness to all?”—Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid, IslamQ&A Fatwa 811,

    “Who said, concerning the meaning of the “Daleel”, “So the ruling with the fabricated laws, which oppose the Islaamic Sharee’ah is atheistic and Kufr and Fasad and Thulm among the slaves because the security is not ensured and the Shara’ee rights are not preserved except by acting upon the Islaamic Sharee’ah in its entirety in the ‘Aqeedah and worship and ruling and etiquettes and the conduct and institutions, because the ‘Ruling by Other Than What Allaah Revealed’ is ruling with a created action upon a creation like it. And it is ruling with the laws of the Taghoot and there is no difference between the individual conditions and the general and specific; and whoever differentiates between them in the Hukm, then he is an atheist/ Zandeeq (i. e. Hypocrite in denial)/ Kaafir in Allaah Al-‘Atheem!”— Shaikh Saalih Ibraaheem al-Layhee’s “As-Salsabeel”, Vol. 2/ 384 (from his commentary upon “Zaad Al-Mutaqnah”)

    “So it is made clear with this, that the Ayaah (9:31) proves that whoever obeys other than Allaah and His Messenger and turns away from taking from the Book and the Sunnah, concerning making Halaal what Allaah made Haraam or making Haraam what Allaah made Halaal or obeys him in the disobedience of Allaah and follows him in what Allaah did not give permission for, then he has taken him as a lord and something worshipped and made him a partner with Allaah and that contradicts the Tawheed which is the Deen of Allaah that the words of Ikhlaas: La Illaaha il-Allaah, have indicated. (This is) because the Ilaah is the thing, which is worshipped, and Allaah, ta’ala labeled their obedience as worship towards them and called them lords.
    Like He, ta’ala said: ‘And He does not order you to take the angels and the Prophets as lords… ‘ In other words, ‘… as partners with Allaah in His worship… ‘ – ‘Does He order you to do Kufr after you were Muslims? ‘ And this is the Shirk because anything which is worshipped is a Lord and all things, which are obeyed or followed concerning other than what Allaah or His Messenger have legislated, then he has been taken by the obedient one or the follower as a Lord and a thing to be worshipped.
    Like He, ta’ala said in Surah An’am: ‘And if you obeyed them, then you are Mushrikeen. ‘ And this is the meaning of this Ayaah and like this Ayaah in meaning is His, ta’ala’s saying: ‘And do they have partners who have legislated in the Deen what Allaah did not give permission for? ‘ And Allaah knows best.”— ‘Abdur-Rahmaan Ibn Hasan’s “Fat’h Al-Majeed”, p. 110-111 (published by “Dar Al-Fikr”)

    “Now we will make clear to you the condition of the second type and it is the Hukm of the people of the state who aren’t under the command of the state” – until his saying –
    “from it is that they judge and take the Hukm to the ones who know the Ah’kaam of the Tawagheet in all of the matters that they are in charge of and they take it to them without making Inkaar and without any shame in front of Allaah or His slaves and they do not fear anyone, rather they can rule with that anyone who they are able to reach from the citizens and those who surround them. And this is a known matter, which no one can deny or reject, and this is well known. And there is no doubt that this is Kufr in Allaah, subhanahu wa-ta’ala and His Sharee’ah, which He ordered with upon the tongue of His Messenger and chose for His slaves in His Book and upon the tongue of His Messenger. They even disbelieved in all of the laws from the time of Adam (pbuh) until now and the Jihaad against them and fighting them is Waajib until they accept the laws of Islaam and submit to them and rule among with the pure Sharee’ah and they leave what they were upon of Tawagheet Shaytaaneeyah” – until his saying –
    “and it is known from the rules of the pure Sharee’ah and its texts that whoever puts himself to fight those people and seeks the aid of Allaah and makes his intention sincere, then he will be from the victorious and he will have the reward because Allaah will give victory to whoever supports Him. And: ‘And if you give victory to Allaah, He will give victory to you and firmly plant your feet. And the reward is for the Muttaqun.””— Imaam Ash-Shawkaani’s letter “Al-Dawa Al-‘Ajaal” p. 33-35 in “Ar-Rasa’il As-Salafeeyah”

    “So whoever takes the Hukm to other than the legislation of Allaah from all of the institutions and the man-made laws, then has taken the implicators of these laws and the ones who rule with them as partners with Allaah in his legislation. He, ta’ala said: ‘Or do they have partners who have legislated for them what Allaah has not allowed? ‘ And He said: ‘And if you obeyed them, then you are Mushrikeen.”—Shaikh Saalih al-Fowzaan’s “Al-Irshaad ila’Saheeh Al-‘Atiqaad “, Vol. 1/ 72

    “And from this explanation it becomes clear to us that there are two types of people who have fallen into Kufr about which there is no doubt. The first, the ones who legislate that which Allaah did not reveal, and those are the ones who fabricate the laws that oppose the legislation of Allaah they implicate it upon the people and the Ijmaa’ is upon their Kufr without doubt.”—Shaikh ‘Umar al-Ashqar’s “Al-Sharee’ah Al-Eelaheeyah”, p. 179

    “And with these Heavenly texts that we have mentioned, it becomes quite clear that the ones who follow the fabricated laws, which the Shaytaan has legislated upon the tongues of his ‘Auliya and which oppose that which Allaah, jala-wa’ala has legislated upon the tongues of His Messengers, peace be upon them, that no one doubts their Kufr and their Shirk except him who Allaah has removed his sight and has blinded them to the light of the revelation as they are!”—Alaamah Muhammad Al-Ameen Ash-Shanqeetee’s “Adhwaa Al-Bayaan”, Vol. 4/ 82-85

    “Like the ones who rule with the laws of Jahiliyyah and the international laws, rather, even one who rules by other than what Allaah revealed, whether he rules with the laws or with something which has been invented that is not from the Shara’ or affirmed in the Hukm, then he is a Taghuut from the greatest Tawagheet.”—Shaikh Ibn Qaasim’s Commentary on “Usool ath-Thalaathah”, p. 96

    “And the Fourteenth Matter is Taking the Hukm to Other than the Book of Allaah and His Messenger. ” And then he mentions the Fatwaa of Ibn Katheer under the Ayaah: “Is it the Hukm of Jahileeyah which they seek?”, which we have narrated earlier. Then he said, “And like this is what the general people of the Bedouins and those like them fell into with regards to taking the Hukm to the customs of their forefathers and that which their ancestors established from the accused customs, which they label ‘The Sharee’ah of Reefawah’ they put it before the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of His Messenger. So whoever does that; then he is a Kaafir and it is Waajib to fight him until he returns to the Hukm of Allaah and His Messenger.”—Shaikh Hammad Ibn ‘Ateeq an-Najdee’s “Majmoo’at At-Tawheed “, p. 412

    “And like or (even) worse than this are the ones who take the words of the Kuffaar as laws, which they judge with in matters concerning blood and wealth and they put that before that which they know and that is has been made clear to them from the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of His Messenger. So he, without a doubt, is a Mortad if he continues upon that and does not return to the Hukm of what Allaah revealed and he will not be benefited by any name which he labels himself with and neither by any outward action that he does from Salaat or Siyaam or anything else!”—Shaikh Muhammad Hamad al-Faqeeh’s hamish (i. e. margins) of “Fat’h Al-Majeed”, p. 406

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