Parody & Irony

Al Reuters presents:

“Dutch minorities warn of risks from anti-Islam party”

No s#*t.   Who are those minorities?  And  what kind of risks would that be? Lets take a look:

The groups, representing Turks, Moroccans and Dutch Caribbeans  (Mohammedans, all of them) wrote a letter to the media about

“the stigmatising, unequal treatment and discrimination of minorities in general and Muslims in particular,”

Straight out of the Koran. Institutionalized discrimination,  the depredations of dhimmitude  and the systematic, deliberate impoverishment of unbelievers are non-negotiable in the Islamic system.

But no: the Muselmaniacs are fearful, as usual:

“We fear the poison of intolerance that can spread surreptitiously to become acceptable opinion,” they added.

Hmm, that might not be a bad thing for those of us who have woken up to what Islam has in store for us. Especially in light of this:

Muslim cleric calls for beheading of Dutch politician Geert Wilders

So much for Mohammedan tolerance, interfaith dialogue and the lion lying down with the lamb…… Perhaps these “minority groups” should get some ‘sensitivity training’ and engage in ‘interfaith dialogue…’ Or, perhaps Wilders is right and  a repatriation  of Muselmanic invaders is a better way to ensure our survival……

5 thoughts on “Parody & Irony”

  1. * “the stigmatising, unequal treatment and discrimination of minorities in general and Muslims in particular,”

    Morocco and Turkey immediately come to mind as examples of societies where equality, religious tolerance, and “human rights” are respected and practiced [/weasel]

  2. Sheikh

    It wont be long before Muslims start claiming that Jews are being persecuted as part of the ongoing persecution of Muslims and Arab Muslims – the whole lumped as anti-Semitism.

    Islam is alike the Aids virus, it will kill the body if not dealt with. But it will also pretend to be part of the body when attacked.

  3. A few years ago, when Gilders started out, there were many Muslims threatening to leave the NL, if Wilders was elected.

    Now we not only have Wilders elected, but the party he runs, is close to be in power. So the QUESTION IS


  4. On the Dateline documentary about Geert Wilders, a Moslem woman whined that she would leave The Netherlands. With a bit of luck, they will all leave.

    Only one problem. The rats leaving the sinking ship will all invade the UK.

  5. The Dutch will pay for their invasion of Indonesia. When the Islamic forces took over Indonesia, they created plans to take over Holland and make the infidels pay. I have Dutch friends who would not even go to an Indonesian restaurant in Holland because they did not want to encourage them coming into Holland. They however did not realize that this was the beginning of the takeover which began in the early seventies. It began in Germany around the same time with masses of Turks invading. The rest is history.

    I think Holland generally ignored the danger because they were very wealthy at the time, with the profit from Royal Dutch Shell they thought they were impregnable. Well, like all of Europe, they came in through the back door, just as they are coming through our front door to Australia, but we are encouraging them and we send our soldiers to their pathetic countries to fight and be killed for no fault of theirs, but the fault lies in our governments. When will it stop? When will they learn?

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