Police Probe Substance Smeared On Koran

Hate crime = fake crime

CAIR Demands FBI Lab Test Quran Copy for Fecal Matter…

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The soldiers of Allah have a long history of staging these incidents. The question is: why does the police get involved at all? Which law or laws are there in a free society to prevent anyone from dumping a soiled Koran wherever they want?

Police said they’re not sure what substance was on a burned Koran found on the steps of an East Lansing, Mich., mosque, but said they don’t think it’s feces.

Reports of the incident Monday touched off worldwide repercussions, with violence reported in several Indian states, including deadly confrontations in Kashmir and the burning of a Christian church in Punjab.

The Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations wants the FBI to mount a hate-crime investigation following Saturday’s discovery of the burned Muslim holy book with a substance smeared on it that was found in front of the Islamic Center of East Lansing. Some of the pages were removed.   (Official Wire)

Fanatical Frenzy Watch:

Tanmarg (AsiaNews) – There are no Christian students in the school burnt down by Muslim fanatics three days ago. “The community we were serving was 100 per cent Muslim,” said bitterly Pravez Samuel Kaul, principal of the Tyndale Biscoe School, which is now but smouldering ashes as a result of the ‘Burn-the Qur‘an’ proposal launched in the United States by Rev Terry Jones. “Ironically, our library had many copies of the un-Holy Qur‘an,” he said.  (Asia News it)

They Hypocrisy Behind the Quran Outrage

An excellent column exploring the hypocrisy and assumptions that underlie the debate of over the Ground Zero mosque and Quran-burning. (Calgary Herald)

Will America Ban Criticism of Islam? (Daniel Greenfield)

A Supreme Court justice’s comments suggest that the criminalization of free speech may soon be on the table.

Radical Islamism Challenges Notions of Freedom

“Radical Islamism is a worldview. Its nearest parallel. . . is Marxism.”  (The Australian)

Voluntary dhimmitude: New Jersey Transit Worker Fired for Burning Quran…

8 thoughts on “Police Probe Substance Smeared On Koran”

  1. * don’t think it’s feces.

    Correction to my previous comment … koran not smeared with allah, just allah substitute resembling allah.

    Excellent opinion piece in Miami Herald, by CAL THOMAS:


    Root out, defeat evil here at home

    [Some ancient wisdom about what must be done with evil is helpful for those who would pay attention: “You must purge the evil from among you” (Deuteronomy 22:21).

    Instead, we are tolerating, even welcoming evil, under the false assumption that evil can be neutered when it is in the midst of good. If that were so, the good works performed by various cultures would have long ago eradicated evil.

    Evil must not only be purged, it must be defeated.]

    [We are doing a poor job of fighting the terrorists at home if we continue to allow Muslim immigrants, especially from Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen, into America. We won’t win this war if we permit the uncontrolled construction of mosques, as well as Islamic schools, some of which already have sown the seeds from which future terrorists will be cultivated. We won’t win this war if we continue to permit the large-scale conversion to Islam of prison inmates, many of whom become radicalized and upon release enlist in al-Qaeda’s army.]

  2. I suspect that somebody took their bacon grease and poured it over the Qur’an before setting it alight.
    That is a great campfire starter and I have used it often.

    It also holds great symbolic significance in our fight against evil.
    The porkers we raise today are all grain fed and receive no garbage.
    There is no reason why both Muslims and Jews cannot eat the pork of today.
    It is clean meat and not unclean as it was once considered when pigs used to eat garbage out of the open sewers.
    Trichinosis is almost unheard of nowadays due to modern throrough cooking methods.

  3. We are slowly being forced to observe 7th century law…!?

    The reality is that in over 57 Muslims states, non-muslims are persecuted for being non-Muslims. In many of these Muslim states, non-Muslims are daily murdered, butchered, raped , enslaved….etc. etc. because they are not muslims.

    These depredations against non-Muslims are commanded by the Quran and Haddiths…

    When will our President and our politicians begin to take a stand and explain in no uncertain terms that human rights are for humans! That things like soiled paper ought not to be the issue in the pursuit of human rights?

    In many parts of the Muslim world non-Muslims are jailed, raped, shot…etc. etc. because they have simply been ACCUSED of blaspheming Islam, the Quran….

    Simply being a non-Muslim places one automatically in a position of blasphemy…

    When will the free world wake up and stop shariah?… law which extends legal rights on Muslims over non-Muslims and sanctifies slavery, theft, murder, rape, torture..etc. etc…..against all who are not Muslims?!

    The reality is that the West is so ignorant of Islam that it cannot believe the truth spoken against it. Its ideals seem so alien to what we in the West consider to be obvious human rights, that we cannot believe its followers to be serious……yet, slowly we are slipping into the same abyss as we continue to prosecute those that speak out against this great evil.

    Shame on the media for not concentrating on the real human rights abuses in these Islamic countries and there are 57 of them. Shame! shame! for not putting these stories(murder, rape, torture, enslavement) on the front pages of their papers, to bring to light what Islam is truly about and force Islamists to at least deny their religion out of shame…or give the West warning of what is coming when they begin to pursue appeasement with evil…

    Apparently profits are more important than real justice! …but the day will come when they will be judged for eschewing their responsibilities (obtained for them by the many millions who have died defending our freedom), and actively keeping shrouding the truth to keep free people from acting accordingly.

  4. In all these Muslim countries…non-Muslims routinely lose or are not even considered for a position simply because they are not Muslims.

    Why are we in the West following in the same foot-steps by forcing those who are obviously non-Muslims to lose their jobs?

    The blogs should unite in this matter and contribute funds to defend people whose jobs are threatened because they speak out against Islam.

    Imagine the intimidation against public workers in the jail system, the airline industry, the food industry, the legal system, the law protection (police), our defense system…you name it, they all are being intimidated from speaking out in fear of losing their jobs.

    We in the public ought to be outraged that this is happening…and it is happening quietly…as we well know from what happened in the U.S. army(major hassan?).. a terrorist was allowed promotion because people were too intimidated to stop promoting him since he was a Muslim.

    Surely, if the defence forces are intimidated..what of our police forces, …etc. etc.

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