Somali born Muslim headbanger becomes MP in Sweden

You couldn’t make it up:

Note the zebiba, the black spot on his forehead. The article, thanks to WoJ reader Mullah, is from a Muslim website called  Al Shahid. (You know what that means. If you don’t, google it!) Hard on the heels of  this article here, (Swedish Christian Democrat Attacked by Gang of 40 Islamic Thugs) which saw newly elected  Christian democrat Issa Issa from Syria badly attacked, stabbed, beaten and hospitalized. Issa later resigned from his post, scared out of his wits. The soldiers of allah sure knew how to strike fear and terror in his heart.

Gothenburg (Alshahid) – Abdirisak Waberi one of the leaders of Sweden’s most influential Muslim associations has gotten into parliament in the Swedish elections.

Abdirisak Waberi of Moderate Party is a resident of Gothenburg.

In his campaigns Abdirisak Waberi had promised to build bridges between different parts of society.

S#*t! Where did I hear that before?

Same in Holland. No surprises here:

“I want to primarily work on exclusion. Youth who are slipping, good care for citizens, and environmental issues,” he says.

Abdirisak Waberi represents the Islamic Association, which runs the Stockholm mosque.

The Islamic Assaciation in Sweden was founded two decades ago.

“I stand for the political agenda of the new Moderates,” he stresses.

But Abdirisak Waberi’s election puts the spotlight on the debate about Islam in Sweden.

Mehmet Kaplan is another Muslim in Sweden who is a member of parliament but on the Greens party. He was president of Sweden’s Young Muslims and has good insights into the Swedish Association.

4 thoughts on “Somali born Muslim headbanger becomes MP in Sweden”

  1. Its the Obama model.

    Soon we will have many more Somalis in power, even PMs and presidents. They will show us how to build bridges, the kind they have built so well in Somalia.

  2. Stockholm, Sweden

    Violent riots in Stockholm last night
    – Only short notice in the papers

    In one of them, that is, Aftonbladet
    – Nothing to see here. If it’s not in the paper, it didn’t happen

    Police station in Stockholm suburb of Husby was vandalized in the night. More than ten police patrols were attacked bystonethrowing new Swedes with masks. Before this, the they had vandalized the metro station.

    The reason for the riots is unknown, according to the police. According to the news agency TT, a witness thinks that “One of their friends must have been arrested.”

  3. If we are visited from “out there”, it will be by a race that is probably so far advanced that we will simply not understand them. Imagine a silly muslim explaining to these beings that they should bow down to a child molesting camel driver and its “moon god!. If the visitors are tolerant they will just put their phasers on stun.

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