Stunning French video of the Islamification of England

Vlad Tepes presents:

I don’t know which is more shocking. This footage of how Muslims have taken over parts of London and enforced the sharia against British laws, or the fact that this was done by a French media outlet when Paris is as bad or worse.

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7 thoughts on “Stunning French video of the Islamification of England”

  1. This is terrible. This is unacceptable. Governments have to make and revise laws to prevent this infiltration. It is a cancer and it cannot be contained. No sane person or government can allow a part of its body to plan its demise and actually forbid its rights of freedom of expression. The god these Islamists uphold is not the god of this century. There should be media broadcasting re-education for these pathetic gullible people. History courses and religious studies must now emphasize the evolution of the concept of god from the barabrian to the loving god. Islamist concepts need to be challenged every step of the way in schools, in churches in synagogues on radio and tv. And if they object they must pay a fine for obstruction to religious freedom and the laws of the land.

  2. The conservative website,, which is close to Iran’s presidential office, says Hossein Derakhshan was convicted on charges of cooperation with hostile countries, spreading propaganda against the ruling establishment, promotion of counterrevolutionary groups and insulting Islamic thoughts and religious figures.” This is what it takes to imprison someone…in this case a blogger…in Iran. But in London, France , Germany and elsewhere…I mean what is wrong…don’t have the words, the guts///what is it that is needed to curb these radicals? These Muslims do not have the social emotional skills to stand on their own in modern society.

    1. From the BNP website:

      Koran Burning Controversy: Let’s Strike a Deal with the Islamic World Instead

      “Let’s Strike a Deal with the Islamic World Instead”

      Unfortunately, nobody signed a name to this article.

      It appears the writer is totally clueless about Islamic doctrine, which is based on waging war on unbelievers until the world is Islamic.

      Apropos making “a deal”: you have to have a partner who respects “the deal”.

      You don’t have any basis for a deal with Islam, or Muslims, because “Allah has absolved them of their vows”. No treaty with infidels is binding, any treaty can be broken if it is advantageous for Muslims or if it furthers the Islamic agenda.

      Sorry, folks. The BNP needs somebody in their organization who understands what Islam is all about.

      “Let’s Strike a Deal with the Islamic World Instead”

      No. Lets deal with them on our terms, not theirs.

      The BNP hasn’t got what it takes.

  3. The unadulterated arrogance of the muzlims and the cowardice of the British ruling elite are absolutely vomit inducing in this video.

  4. * “The BNP has long pointed out that the Westminster parties are directly responsible for this disaster, and have encouraged terrorism in the West through their twisted foreign policy which incites the Muslim world against the West.

    So it is still (our) foreign policy inciting them (muslims) against us.
    Nothing to do with allah and islam.

  5. This is so shocking. What has happened to the English people whom we all admired? The authorities must enforce English laws against terrorists in their midst. Cameron is Conservative in name only. Englishmen, hit the streets and support BNP and EDL. The world is watching.

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