Texas Pro-Islamic Schoolbooks To Go

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Here’s an update to yesterdays post on a vote that should be taken in towns across America. The whitewashing of Islam in history books and inMiddle Eastern studies programs across college campuses in this country is part of the toxic  leftist/Islamic propaganda campaign that our children’s minds are marinating in.

The Texas State Board of Education voted Friday to to reject any textbooks which whitewash Islam in and  curtail a “pro-Islam/anti-Christian” bias in school books.

Critics of new textbooks have called on the BoE to investigate and vote on several passages in new textbooks that they believe have a pro-Islamic bias.” According to Republican member of the Texas Board of Education Don McLeroy, the only reason why Islam is getting a favorable writing is because “Academia wants to lean over backwards to be politically correct and not be labeled ethnocentric, so it’s kind of a cultural relativism.”

The mainstream media vomiting.

The resolution adopted Friday cites “politically-correct whitewashes of Islamic culture and stigmas on Christian civilization” in currenttextbooks and warns that “more such discriminatory treatment of religion may occur as Middle Easterners buy into the US public schooltextbook oligopoly.”

It vowed to reject any future textbooks which devote more space to teaching about Islam than Christianity, include “sanitized definitions of ‘jihad,'” or display bias by describing Christian crusaders as “invaders” when Muslim “conquest” is called “migration” by “empire builders.”

Texas Board of Education passes resolution challenging pro-Islamic bias in textbooks (JW)

What is often lost in this discussion is the idea that the Board has the right and duty to exercise quality control over the content of its textbooks, and it would be reasonable for any such body to be concerned about bias, double standards, and agenda-driven statements in those books. The problem that responsibility is encountering here is Islam’s already privileged status, where anything but accolades is to be met with knee-jerk accusations of the worst possible intentions, so as to shut down the discussion and silence dissent.

An update on this story. “Texas ed board adopts resolution limiting Islam,” from the Associated Press, via JW

Also this, Downunder:

Curriculum corruption is a major problem throughout the western world. The tranzi-progressive/jihadist convergence is to blame for the bulk of it; carelessness, incompetence, and sloth are to blame for the rest.

See: Aussie Muslims and Curriculum Corruption

Hugh Fitzgerald comments:

What a mild resolution. It should go much further. And similar boards elsewhere, prompted by intelligent and aroused parents should, at a minimum, pass similar resolutions, and go from there. The record of Muslim attempts — too often successful — to infiltrate into the decision-making areas of textbook publishing, all under the guise of sweet-sounding encouragement of “diversity” — is too long, and too sinister, to be ignored. And no one should be scared off by the usual nonsense about “bigotry” and “hysteria.” There is no “bigotry” and there is no “hysteria” in any of these cases. Whenever wherever Islam’s adherents come into contact with, and attempt to undo or remove all obstacles to the spread and then the dominance of Islam, non-Muslims slowly, and then less slowly, discover to their own horror the meaning and menace of Islam, and begin to recognize the instruments of Jihad that are employed that many do not at first reocgnize, and then those non-Muslims, shaking off their torpor, who had been content merely to lead their own lives, come to the grim conclusion that they must not allow those whom they too naively permitted into their midst to change their histories, their customs, their laws, their art, their science, their textbooks, their everything.

The “hysteria” and the “bigotry” are on the Muslim side, and that is true not only in this country, but in France, in Italy, in Great Britain, in Denmark, in the Netherlands, in Australia, in Canada, in short, everywhere in the West that Muslims have, in the last few decades, settled within, in disturbing numbers, because of the carelessness, the criminal negligence, of both political and media elites.

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  1. Thanks for the link!

    There’s something else that I noticed here. It has been pointed out before that the word “hysteria” is subtly misogynistic, whether it is targeted at a man or at a woman. No surprise that our Muslim adversaries would use such a term to slander and belittle anybody who would question their activities.

  2. The board approved the one-page nonbinding resolution, which urges textbook publishers to limit what they print about Islam in world history books, by a 7-5 vote.Yahoo news.
    Good news but with this vote 7-5 Americans should keep working hard on supervising what is going on in the future.
    God bless America!

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