Turkey moves one step closer towards the Islamic state

Once Erdogan’s ‘reforms’ are completed, the learned anal-ysts in the state department, the lame stream media and our political elites  will  be  caught with their pants down, just like they were back when the Ayatollah Khomeini deposed the shah of Iran and started the ‘Islamic Revolution’.

Turkey: Referendum on track to pass, eroding independence of secular-minded judiciary

With 99 per cent of votes counted, provisional results show referendum passing with 58 per cent support. Turks vote ‘yes’ in referendum (Al Jizz)

Erdogan advances his agenda in the name of democracy. The European Union, still eying Turkey as an eventual member, may applaud “democratic reforms” for their own sake, without a thought to how they may be misused to the detriment of Turkey and to Europe, and by those with an agenda to advance the Islamization of both. In other words, Ergodan is advancing the appearance of democracy because it is a useful tool for the moment, and good public relations.

After all, democracies are only as good as the values that inform their participants, who may choose to vote all manner of tyrannies upon themselves, including Sharia. This notion, of course, is most often obscured by two politically correct dogmas: first, that we all ultimately share the same values and vision for the world’s future, the West and the Muslim world alike. Second, there is the article of faith among Western elites that Islam is peaceful and tolerant, so more Islam can only be good for a peaceful, tolerant society… as long as it’s that true, “moderate” Islam we keep hearing so much about.

From those, one is supposed to conclude that democracy in Turkey will simply unblock a universal impulse to coexist in peace and equality, and in an advanced, tolerant, and pluralistic society. That assumption, after all, was fundamental to the game plan in Iraq and Afghanistan. But it’ll fix up Turkey straightaway, right?

No, there is a far more fundamental question of values and priorities that informs Turkey’s character and eligibility to join the EU. An update on this story. “Turkey backs constitutional changes,” from BBC News, September 12/JW

Turkish voters have given strong backing to a package of constitutional changes.

With nearly all votes in the referendum counted, about 58% had voted “Yes” to amending the constitution.

The opposition argues that the governing party, which has its roots in political Islam, is seeking dangerous levels of control over the judiciary.

The government says it wants to bring the constitution more in line with European Union standards.

“We have passed a historic threshold on the way to advanced democracy and the supremacy of law,” Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said to the applause of party activists.

Analysts say the strong “Yes” vote will boost Mr Erdogan’s government. […]

The opposition say two of the 26 planned amendments would give the government excessive influence over the judiciary.

They accuse the AKP of trying to seize control of the judiciary as part of a back-door Islamist coup.

Like a majority in Istanbul – the most Westernised city in Turkey, where many are suspicious of the AKP’s religious agenda – Ozgur Deniz voted “No”.

“The bad thing about this referendum was that we had to either choose or reject the whole package,” he told the BBC.

“This is a package where some things are good for democracy – such as less power for the military. But there are some items which might be used by the government to use democracy for non-democratic purposes, like the item regarding the judiciary,” he said….

But one must note that reining in the military also plays into Erdogan’s hands, as the military has been another guardian of Turkish secularism.

One thought on “Turkey moves one step closer towards the Islamic state”

  1. Either everyone in Europe and USA are playing ,monkey, or are that damned dumb that they cannot visualise the direction to which Turkey is heading. It is going to string along with the countries south of Russia and and then look towards the old golden age of the Ottomans. Turning topsy turvy the changes wrought by Kamal Pasha will lead Turkey towards the realm of treachery and deceit and the only Nation that can stand up to it apparently is Israel. Bringing the US into the battle scene would end up like Vietnam and Afghanistan. Iraq needs no mention. It is already in utter ruins with its economy, culture. heritage – all in shambles. The Army may rise again from the tomb of Pasha to restore Turkey to the era of Kamal Pasha. Wishful thinking but one must note than nearly 50% of Turkey did not support the changes to the Constitution. As in any State, the ruling government controls the Election Machinery and all the traits of power. Hence the Election results may not be what they really are.

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