Vile, pernicious, obsessed and deranged….

The header is, you guessed it, of course, from Frank Zappa’s “I am the slime” , here’s the youtube vid and here’s the words.

But this is not about FZ. This is about the libel blogger Charles Johnson, otherwise known as the Lizard, who has gone completely off the deep end. Not contend to be an irrelevant ankle biter, the lizard is now firmly focused on hatred. Hating the good for being good, he squirts and raves, denounces, ridicules and slimes Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller on end.  Just take a quick look at the queer and twisted world of Charles the Lizard who is chokin’ on his own bile:

“Pamela Geller’s Fans”

Also seen today in lower Manhattan for “Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s hate rally:”

Yep. That’s what he puts up on LGF these days.  And what’s the price of goat-meat in Timbuktu?

What could possibly connect Robert Spencer & Pamela Geller with this?

1. The audience for Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s hate rally is really starting to get warmed up for the big event: Man burns Koran pages near Ground Zero.

2. The hate rally sponsored by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s “Stop Islamization of America” is set to begin at 3 pm Eastern time, and their fans are beginning to arrive. Pamela Geller’s Fans Arriving in Lower Manhattan

3. Robert Spencer: Jesus Would Have Burned Qurans Too

4. Muslims have a right to build a mega mosque at Ground Zero, because… they have a history!  They had a prayer room in the WTC!   The lizard gushes:  here’s a must-read article at the New York Times on a piece of history!

5. Gingrich baaaad! Gingrich gonna give him nightmares!  Puff Ho good!    (In fact, the lizard cites Puff Ho as a credible news source…..)

6. Lizards back Obama! (Everything else would be rraaaaaacist!) The newest Gallup poll shows that a majority of Americans favor allowing tax cuts for the wealthy to expire.

7. What could be more important than… the HOMO agenda!   Charles to the front! Federal Judge: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Is Unconstitutional

8. Pamela Geller is ‘a shrieking harpie’- Pamela Geller: Imam Rauf Lied to the Quran Burner

Of course, Pamela believes the guy who was going to burn copies of the Talmud in addition to Qurans, who said Judaism is, just like Islam, “of the Devil.” She believes the racist loon who spouted the N word dozens of times in a recent video.

She hates Muslims so very much that she’ll take the word of an obviously deranged person like Terry Jones before she’ll take the word of any goddamned Islamic “surpemacist.” Hic. (not hic. Sick!!)

6 thoughts on “Vile, pernicious, obsessed and deranged….”

  1. The US army burnt Bibles in May 2009. i.e., when Obama was the CinC of the US armed forces.

    Burning Bibles is not something Americans, particularly ones in the armed forces are likely to do. Advice must have been sought on this issue of what to do, and gone right up the chain of command. So did Obama give consent to the burning of Bibles? If he is a Christian, as he says he is, I cant see any Christian willingly burning Bibles or giving an order to do so.

    Even if he did’nt, as he is the CinC, he must bear the responsibility.

  2. Charles Lizard Johnson is a anti-christian bigot. It’s been quite the switch from his Muslim bashing website of the 2006 era to his self appointed, pro Islam, righteousness of today. His hypocrisy knows no bounds. I think he’s 1. unstable, or 2. he was bought out.

  3. Chuckles, the pony-tailed, middle-aged wanna-be jazz man of lgf, went around the bend a long time ago. He not only ridicules the pro-America rally at GZ today, he and his sycophantic posters actually celebrate and laud the pro-Mosque demonstrators.

  4. “I have sometimes been called a fanatic on the subject of Islam. I am no fanatic on that or on any other subject. I am an advocate of religious freedom in the widest sense consistent with the inalienable rights of mankind. My toleration ceases where the religious doctrines of one man invade the aboriginal rights of another, as they do, and have ever done, in every state, without exception, where Islam has ruled supreme. The non-Musulman can never obtain the rights of citizenship, but is irrevocably doomed to a most cruel and degrading servitude, under Musulman rule.”

    “The Sultan and the Powers” by Malcolm MacColl, Chapter 12 (“Islam as a ruling system”)

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