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2 ‘German’ Soldiers of Allah Arrested in Turkey (they are not Germans, of course. But it looks like they have residence permits and they prefer German prisons to Turkish rat holes)  PI: Droht Islamisten Abschiebung?

What  Thilo Sarrazin’s Thesis Is Costing Us

Shortly after Thilo Sarrazin, with his book “Germany Is Dismantling Itself” has rubbed his finger in the wound and put all the Do-Gooders in blatant uproar, Udo Ulfkotte now brings out his new book “No Black. No Red. No Gold. Poverty for All in the ‘Jolly Immigrant Stadl’“. In his book, Udo Ulfkotte confirms Thilo Sarrazin’s thesis and gives us a blatant precalculation, how much this will cost the “jolly immigrant state.”[Politically Incorrect in English]

Elections in Austria:

Soldiers of Allah  and Anarcho-Commies attack FPÖ  polling booths, ‘allahu akbar’

SOS – ÖSTERREICH/ Muslims show local yokels who’s boss….

(Reuters regretfully) – In Sweden’s last general election, a surge in voter support for an anti-immigrant party in this small, southern coastal town shocked a nation long regarded as one of the world’s most liberal.

Looks like the Reuters poofs are more ‘shocked’ than the nation. Why is this….

Muslims burn US flag outside US Embassy in Londonistan, shout murderous slogans, Anjem Chaudrey makes statement

Dhimmitude USA: EDL leader refused entry into US

“Morals & Ethics” in Zurich University Includes  Hate of Israel in Curriculum

Hate, masked as Antizionism, is taught as “science” .

Such schooling is presently being carried out in the Arab-Muslim propaganda seminar called “Morals and Ethics in Groups” at the University of Zurich. The “learning activity” is being held by the Green politician Bettina Ryf (photo). [more from PI]

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  1. Hate crime towards Swedish politician (SD)
    – Cut a swastika on his forehead

    Arabspeaking extremleftists attacked David von Arnold Antoni (24) in his home, tortured him and cut the swastika on his forehead before leaving his apartement.

    Not since the murders of Olof Palme, and Anna Lindh, has Sweden seen anything like this in violence against politicians.


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