Who will rid us of the 'bridge-building' interfaith monkeys?

Jihad it is:

Indonesian Muslims Threaten Global Jihad if Koran Is Burned in Florida

That’s odd.
Radical Muslims (are there any other ones?) have threatened global jihad and suicide bombings if the Florida church burns the Koran on Saturday.

A group of Indonesian demonstrators belonging to the Hizbut Tahrir, an Islamist organization, rally outside the US embassy in Jakarta in September 2010. The group threatened “jihad” or holy war if a US Christian group goes through with threats to publicly burn the Koran.… Read more from Gateway »

Radical Ground Zero Mosque Imam Rauf Gives NYers, 911 Families, and America the Big Middle Finger

“We are proceeding with the community center, Cordoba House.” the “healing” outreaching Imam Rauf

Rat & Roach Slumlord Feisal Rauf

Rauf says, you don’t like the Ground Zero mega mosque?  Too bad, infidel. And so the 911 attack continues – the imam is not moving the mega mosque off Ground Zero. Surprised? You wouldn’t be if you have read his book  advocating for the sharia , A Call to Prayer from the World Trade Center Rubble: Islamic Dawa [proselytizing]  in the Heart of Post 9/11 America., or listened to mam’s explosive, extreme rhetoric, listen here and here. (Atlas Shrugs)

“Global Warming?”

You wish:

Pic thanks to the Tundra Tabloids

“Interfaith’ Loons Smear Fellow Americans Who Refuse to Suck up to Muslims

“To those who would exercise derision… bigotry, open rejection of our fellow Americans for their religious faith, I say shame on you,” said Richard Cizik, one of the country’s most prominent evangelical leaders.

“We are profoundly distressed and deeply saddened by the incidents of violence committed against Muslims in our communities. And by the desecration of Islamic houses of worship,” added Rabbi Nancy Kreimer.

These guys need to get out more. Think we can interest them in six months of  interfaith-kumbaya in Cairo, Lahore or Shittagong?

Sydney Moonbat Herald

Church vows to burn Koran on 9/11 anniversary

Terry Jones, heat packing pastor, won’t back off: Korans will go up in smoke on 9/11….

A Florida evangelical church has vowed to go ahead with plans to burn the Koran on the 9/11 anniversary, despite fears it may fuel an angry backlash and endanger US and allied troops in Afghanistan.

The plans to burn a Koran are already triggering outrage in the Islamic world.

There have already been protests in the Afghan capital Kabul and in Indonesia – the world’s largest Muslim-majority country – while Iran has warned the burning could unleash an uncontrolled Muslim response.

On Monday about 200 men gathered near a mosque in Kabul to protest against the planned torching, shouting “Death to America” and “Long live Islam,” witnesses said.

No wonder our ‘interfaith’ illusionists are shakin’ in their shoes….

How to stop ‘BURN A QUR’AN DAY’

Muslims show absolutely no concern for non-Muslim sensitivities. Why should we respect theirs?

White House: Victory Mosque at Ground Zero Is Pro-American… Burning Koran Is Un-American

Last week Hussein Obama stood by his support for the Ground Zero Victory Mosque.

Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison: GZ Mosque Opponents Are “Proponents Of Religious Bigotry”

The lone Muslim in Congress (who happens to be quite the radical), finally speaks out publicly on the ground zero Mosque issue.

Here’s the video:

“The people who are leading the anti-mosque effort are people who openly proclaim that Barack Obama is not a citizen. The real organizers of this thing are people who are just proponents of religious bigotry. Nothing more, nothing less,” Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota) said on BBC radio.

Ellison also blames FOX News for “scapegoating the Muslim community” and contributing to the hatred he speaks of. “This is sort of a well worn right-wing tactic,” he adds.

Gateway has written many times before on Ellison:

20 thoughts on “Who will rid us of the 'bridge-building' interfaith monkeys?”

  1. This is a lesson on how our laws are used against us – learn from it!!

    Ellison is a piece of s____, and the fact that the monkey placed him in the white house says quite a lot!!!

  2. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/09/07/attorney-general-holder-tells-religious-leaders-burning-quran-idiotic-dangerous/

    Attorney General Holder tells religious leaders burning Quran is ‘idiotic and dangerous’

    [WASHINGTON – Attorney General Eric Holder is calling the planned burning of the Quran at a Florida church idiotic and dangerous.

    That’s the word from religious leaders who met with Holder for nearly an hour Tuesday to discuss recent attacks on Muslims and mosques around the United States.]

    * It seems that Holder is dangerous, prosecuting Sheriff Joe Arpaio for enforcing immigration laws.

  3. LOL Indos threatening to turn into human firecrackers.

    I remember before Australian soldiers were sent to East Timor the Indos were saying, ‘we will eat the hearts of Australian soldiers’ etc. As soon as we landed they PISSED OFF over the border.

    Keep bleating PISS ANTS.

  4. That picture of Mecca reminds me of the local turd farm. Funny how certain pictures conjure visions like that.

  5. * Indonesian Muslims Threaten Global Jihad if Koran Is Burned in Florida

    An expansion of the current lesser jihad in Bali and Indonesia. Nothing that Bucktooth & friends wouldn’t aspire to anyway.

  6. “Attorney General Eric Holder is calling the planned burning of the Quran at a Florida church idiotic and dangerous.”

    Is there anything about Islam that is NOT dangerous? Our resident apologists and a*& kissers are a clear, present and immediate danger to our nation’s security and sovereignty.

    Tire of walking on egg shells over Islam, might as well deliberately provoke them now and get it over with than wait until it happens unintentionally.

    And, as a woman, I am particularly pissed off that we would allow such a virulent form of institutionalized chauvinistic political dogma into our country for the last several decades and allow it to spread like a cancer. Where were our leaders? There was no mistaking what ANY translation of the Koran had to say or how Islam felt about Jews, infidels, women, apostates, gays, rape victims, pedophilia and I was just a kid when I first looked at it out of curiosity at the burgeoning numbers of burqaed Muslim women near campus and their male, insulting, vulgar and abusive counterparts.

    On the bright side, Koran publishers must be rubbing their hands w/ anticipatory glee; sales will be up as will the flames of the literal and proverbial fire.

  7. (Skunks concerned about own smell alert)

    Bridge-building merchant bankers (rhyming slang) hard at work in Toronto, whining over their image following recent “high profile arrests”:

    Muslims concerned about image following arrests

    [OTTAWA – The Ottawa Muslim community has made great strides in establishing itself as an integrated and understood part of the city’s fabric but recent high-profile arrests threaten to hinder that progress, say some Muslim leaders.]

    * It is the arrests that are the problem, not the reasons for the arrests.

    [Ihsaan Gardee, executive director of the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN), said it was a meeting of minds to discuss the implications of the arrests.]

    * All about the stink, not the skunk causing it.

    [“I can’t explain it. It was an Ottawa-wide invitation to attend and participate and unfortunately we didn’t see a single Imam or a single Mosque represented, which I think is a shame.”]

    * Perhaps the smell of CAIR-CAN was too much even for them?

  8. Misunderstood bridge builders sending out 100,000 pieces of propaganda to Omaha homes (one Bible verse in a children’s fast food meal was enough to trigger the misunderstanders into a feigned fury)

    Islam Insert Sent To 100,000 Homes
    Religious Leaders Promote Understanding


    [On the front of the insert is a definition of Islamic terms like Jihad. It states Jihad does not mean holy war. On the other side is a brief explanation of Islam. The flier contains nothing offensive but is merely informative. ]

    [Before accepting the Islamic Center’s check for $2,300, Farkas showed the flier to Rabbi Aryeh Azriel of Temple Israel in Omaha. The Rabbi called the insert a brilliant idea to promote religious understanding and tolerance.]

    * I’m sure an insert with John 3:16 would go down well with the religious understanders and tolerant ones.

  9. * Who will rid us of the ‘bridge-building’ interfaith monkeys?

    The followers of allah and Mo perhaps? No place for touchy feely stuff like democracy & “human rights” in islam … unless there are dhimmis to lull into a false sense of security before beheading them, perhaps.


    [No place for democracy and human rights in Islam, says Qom theologian
    Imam Mesbah Yazdi, great supporter of Ahmadinejad, makes the claim. For him, sexual and moral deviants like Sakineh should be punished and suppressed. Obeying Ahmadinejad is like obeying God. Pro-reform students are beaten, pro-reform professors are fired, all for being against Iran’s rulers. Journalists are accused of being “mohareb”, enemies of God.]

    [Badrolssadat Mofidi, secretary general of the Iranian Journalists Association, is another prominent figure accused of being a “mohareb”. He was recently sentenced to six years in prison and five years without the right to work as a journalist.]

  10. New Zealand muslims get hurt feelings after Building Minister cracks muslim jokes:


    [ Muslim community leaders are demanding an apology from Building Minister Maurice Williamson over his “totally inappropriate and offensive” jokes to a builders’ awards ceremony.

    The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand is seeking advice from the Human Rights Commission about laying a complaint.

    Mr Williamson cracked jokes about Muslims at the ceremony in Auckland last month. He also asked MC Oscar Kightley, Samoan star of Sione’s Wedding, if his “papers were in order”. ]

    [It was “really unfortunate” that Mr Williamson made fun of a minority community on the basis of its religion “while the Government is trying to build bridges with interfaith dialogue in the Pacific region. I think the appropriate thing is for him to apologise to Muslim New Zealanders”.]

    * Apologise, or else?

  11. These guys need to get out more. Think we can interest them in six months of interfaith-kumbaya in Cairo, Lahore or Shittagong?

    I recommend Mogadishu- specially this time of the year, what with Ramadan coming to an end. The Somalis do a good line in clitorectomy, as well as neckorectomy (if that is the word). But you get the idea.

  12. Exactly..what attention seeking wallies..it was an old joke but who cares a joke is a joke. If they don’t like our humour they know what they can do.
    The whole country is preoccupied and many devastated by the biggest earthquake in 80 years in our second largest city..we have had more than three hundred aftershocks , quite a number over 5 on the richter scale..Many elderly people haven’t slept for days and these wallies are carrying about this shyte..

  13. No ideology is more right-wing than Islam, and no law is more right-wing than the Shari’a…

    Ellison is a far-rightist deceptively masquerading as a leftist in order to “destroy western civilization from within”, to quote al-Ikhwan…

    It’s sabotage.

  14. Would you like to get your bible burned by us !?
    Well, we can’t ! And we will never do it, cause we are a nation of peace !
    I’m muslim ! And proud to be !

  15. * Would you like to get your bible burned by us !?

    Not simply burned the Word of God, but spat & lifted their legs on it:

    Muslim boys urinated on Bible | The Australian
    6 Dec 2006 … TWO Muslim students have been expelled from an Islamic school in Melbourne for urinating and spitting on a Bible and setting it on fire.

    Australia – 2009 – Teachers at a muslim school informed the principal they were very concerned about the “inculcation of hatred and radical attitudes toward non-muslims”. Soon after, 5 students tore up, urinated on, and burned a bible.

    There were no Christian riots protesting the bible burnings.

    Wahabi Imam to burn the Bible in Cairo!

    Christians in Gaza Fear for Their Lives as Muslims Burn Bibles and …
    18 Jun 2007 … Hamas Muslim extremists are burning bibles, destroying crosses and terrorizing the tiny population of Christians in the Gaza strip.

    Bible burning by algerians in Sudan before the match with Egypt.

    (and so on)

    * I’m muslim ! And proud to be !

    You are doomed, unless you change your mind…

  16. Shut up Houssine – muslims, not you perhaps, do burn bibles and murder non-muslims. How many times does this have to happen before we have to kill you scum in self-defence. Because that is what will happen unless you muslims start to respect others, start to learn that islam is not the only answer, and start to learn how to integrate into other societies. You can be a muslim, but at present you have LITTLE to be proud of.

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