WTF are we fighting for?

Why Do Our Soldiers Fight?

The Baron over at the Gates of Vienna has the best take yet on the war and on the imminent Koran riots.

Most readers have probably heard of Terry Jones, the pastor of the Dove World Outreach Center in Florida, who organized International Burn a Quran Day for September 11.

Although burning Korans is not to my taste, I’m glad I live in America, where a citizen has a right to burn a lawfully purchased copy of a book on his own property if he wants to.

However, General David Petraeus, the commander of U.S. operations in Afghanistan, doesn’t agree. He thinks the actions of Rev. Jones and his followers may cause the death of American troops in Afghanistan.

Update: In an attempt to be more effective in making my point, I have approached the same topic from a different angle here.

Here’s what ABC News has to say about it:

A Florida pastor’s plan to burn Qurans at his church on Sept. 11 ignited a protest today by hundreds of Afghans, who burned American flags and shouted “Death to America,” and the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan said the preacher could be increasing the threat to his troops.

The crowd in downtown Kabul reached nearly 500 today, with Afghan protesters chanting “Long live Islam “ and “Long live the Quran,” and burning an effigy of Terry Jones, senior pastor from the Dove World Outreach Center in Florida who is planning the event.

The protesters were well aware of the pastor’s inflammatory comments, such as the “Islam is an evil religion,” since they have been spread wide on the Internet. Jones has also authored a book, “Islam Is of the Devil.”

The protesters’ anger wasn’t limited to Jones, however. Chants of “Death to America” echoed through the crowd, and U.S. flags were set ablaze alongside the effigy of Jones.

America cannot eliminate Muslims from the world,” one Afghan man told ABC News.

The angry crowd pelted a passing U.S. military convoy with rocks.

Gen. David Petraeus said he is outraged by the pastor’s decision to burn the Quran, which he said could “endanger troops and it could endanger the overall effort here.”

Former Vice Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Jack Keane, an adviser to Petraeus, called it “outrageous” and “insulting to Muslims.”

“It’s also insulting to our soldiers in terms of what they stand for and what their commitment is to this country and to the Muslims in this country,” Keane told ABC News.

Now, I don’t want to debate the merits of burning Korans. That’s not the point of this post.

What I want to talk about is the presence of American troops in Afghanistan, and what they are there to do.

Are they fighting and dying to avoid “insulting Muslims”?

What does our military stand for? Does it stand for protecting Islam from insult? Or does it stand for protecting the rights and the well-being of American citizens?

Here’s what David Petraeus would have said if he were a real soldier in the mold of, say, General George Patton, rather than a lickspittle dhimmi appeaser of heroin-trafficking Afghan warlords:

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4 thoughts on “WTF are we fighting for?”


    Hey, when it’s Christian Bibles, it’s OK to burn them! The brouhaha over US military members who were given Bibles to hand out to potential Christian converts in Afghanistan, erupted over a year ago, after a story in al-Jizz was released showing US soldiers praying and talking about conversions of Afghanis.
    The reaction was swift, the military confiscated them all and had them burnt, and imagine that, Christians weren’t seen rioting in the streets demanding the guilty parties to be beheaded. So now a pastor wants to do the same, and the military, (read = Gen.Petraeus) cries foul. KGS

    The LibLeft MSM and politicians of all ilk, are now confused how to stem the tide of, “God help us” they cry, ISLAMOPHOBIA.

    They must be really bending their minds what to do. Ideas they must have in their demented minds

    1. Arrest ALL non-Muslims, specially Christians, and send them to the Gulag

    2. Accept sharia as the law of the EU and the USA. That will teach them.

    Oh no, none of them will really work.

    “We know” they all shout, “let us order Gen Petraeus to attack Serbia.

  2. Meanwhile recent research from the diaries of Gen Patton show that he strongly opposed and condemned people burning copies of Mein Kamph. In his own words, “these insane people are putting my soldiers at risk”.

  3. The Word of God means little to the U.S. Military. The word of satan, apparently, does. They have more to fear from God than they need ever fear from 1.x billion angry muslims, their “god” and false prophet.

    “And have no fear of those who put to death the body, but are not able to put to death the soul. But have fear of him who has power to give soul and body to destruction in hell.” – Jesus Christ (Matthew 10:28)

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