A Dance For Allah

Muslim Dances on the Central Altar of Florence’s Cathedral

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What would become of a Christian who had done such a thing at a mosque in Marrakesh?

Mutual respect, right? Mutual understanding? Reciprocity. That’s what the West is taught. But what is the ummah taught? Burn embassies. Slaughter on insult.


A soldier of Allah evaded security in the Dome of Florence and started dancing on the altar.

Look out for angry radical Christians to riot, murder, destroy embassies, kill imams and torch buildings over the incident.

Muslim Dances on Altar of Catholic Basilica in Florence (Video thanks to Gateway)

The man was apprehended  and turned over to the soldiers of  dell’ Arm. The incident is now investigated in the barracks of the provincial commando 114. The alien  does not speak Italian but keeps praying  continually in Arabic,  also within the offices dell’ Arm where the investigation have being conducted.

It appears the man is a refugee who resides in a Scandinavian country. He has not been charged with any crime.

The man dressed in gym-shoes,  jeans, shirt and jacket,  found his way through  the faithful and the visitors that crowded the basilica, then, escaping  the surveillance of the caretakers, jumped  up  on the altar and began to engage in some kind of ritual dance. Video here

3 thoughts on “A Dance For Allah”

  1. Let us witness the MSM spin this one away.
    My bad,they won’t even mention it.
    Islam itself should have been on that altar and sacrificed in the name of decency.
    NBC has a peacock as a logo.It should be an ostrich.In fact,the Democratic Party should change from jackass to ostrich immediately.

  2. Someone leaves a bacon message outside a mosque = “hate crime”

    Someone dances to allah on a church altar = “nothing to do with islam”

  3. could it be that this man onverted to Christanity and this is his way of worshipping Christ? 🙂

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