John Esposito @ Puff Ho: the real problem isn't Bill O'Reilly but the millions of Americans who agree with him

Well, I guess we just have to get rid of millions of Americans then who agree with O’Reilly, just to please a Georgetown professor prostitute and the soldiers of Allah who pay him:

Bill O’Reilly and his inflammatory speech was on The View this week, and everybody knows it. But, the attention should go elsewhere.

His baseless anti-Muslim rhetoric that led Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg to walk off the set earlier this week was a ratings boon for him and the show. O’Reilly appeared on the Glenn Beck show and The View hosts are scheduled to discuss Thursday’s show on Monday.

The show is likely to grab more ratings and headlines, but really, it’s time to shift gears and focus on the anti-Islam hysteria sweeping over the U.S. Bill O’Reilly is getting bashed in the press, but thousands, maybe millions, agree with him. Some of them are silent. Many are not. It has become mainstream to bash Muslims.

John Esposito and Sheila Lalwani at the Huffington Post, 16 October 2010

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A day after the View:

5 thoughts on “John Esposito @ Puff Ho: the real problem isn't Bill O'Reilly but the millions of Americans who agree with him”

  1. “No one I know wants to insult Muslims, but almost everybody I know is tired of the political correctness surrounding the 9/11 attack. The truth is that if moderate Muslims all over the world would stand with America against radical Islam, the terrorists could not exist. But obviously that isn’t happening.”

    – Bill O’Reilly

  2. Moderate muslims can’t and won’t stand with America against radical
    islam because they are too fearful and too ignorant.
    That is why one can not compare islam as a religion to christianity;
    the majority of muslims are too ignorant to fully understand that they
    themselves have to fear most from other (extreme,fanatic) muslims.
    Sharia law imposed will only creates injustice inspite of what the imams are indoctrinating to the unknowing followers.
    A worldwide Umma will plung everybody back into the dark ages.
    The Real Theocracy is far more preferable and shall prevail in the end.

  3. When islam gets demoted from religion to theocracy, I will respect any muslim who admits that mo said to spread islam by the sword.
    I am unable to respect anyone ignorant about about any affiliation they are financially supporting – this also goes for catholics, Amnesty International etc.
    I refuse to respect anyone who is not ignorant about their affiliations, just lying about them.
    Those willing and able to say: I support this group because of what it does, are respected – even when they are so 100% wrong it could make you cry.
    However, respecting one’s enemy does not mean agreeing with it or not trying to oppose it’s teachings.

  4. please for gods sake there is no such thing as moderate muslims, muslims are muslims that is it period
    I don’t know why it is so hard to understand there is no fu$$$$ moderate muslims. Don’t they all read and follow the same fucking quran what is wrong with you people when are you going to get it, after these ass worthless piece of shit garbage muslims take over our country..Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg both of ya go fuck each other bitches. Fuck you and fuck your muslims I wish your family become a victim of terrorist and I’ll see you fucking then defending islam bitches whores

  5. Islam is not a religion. It wears religion as a cloaking device. The islamic holy books are a number of things,such as a lifestyle commands,a law book but for the infidel the most important thing is, it is a war manual with the goal of world conquest and the total destruction of civilization and it’s components such as history,art,music,free thought,all other religions in the most barbaric fashion using terror,murder,lying,infiltration and dawa(conversion). There has been no call for reform from inactive muslims nor can there be.
    Other than that, Islam is O.K.and would be a welcome addition to multicultural ‘enrichment’.

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