“Everybody must get stoned” didn’t appeal to this evil Zionist Jew who was about to be stoned by a gang of Pali kiddies, incited by  Pallywood incident creators.

Knowing that he might not get out of this alive he decided to put his foot on the gas and escape:

Shawn Savage is outraged:

Muslims seem to have no morals at all. How can adults encourage children to throw stones at Jews and then stand around filming it for propaganda. The only person with morals is the Jewish driver who is clearly trying to avoid hurting anyone. He of course can’t stop since they would lynch him. If I were driving around a curve and suddenly saw that scene in front of me, I would behave in the same way. The kid is clearly not hurt but that doesn’t stop them from sucking every little bit of propaganda they can get out of it, even if it means forcing him into a car kicking and screaming. I guess we are meant to believe that he is being rushed off to a hospital. Most likely a Jewish hospital.

10 thoughts on “"Backlash"”

  1. Accusing somebody of being an “Islamophobe”, gets you nowhere these days! Over use, misuse, and the lack of any “IOU” to back it up, did to it what inflation usually does – adding zeros! The new currency in circulation is now called “Backlashophobes” !
    The new “IOU” standard is the (Gold) STONE !
    One stone that misses the target = One “Backlashophobe”
    Direct hit = Ten “Backlashophobes”

  2. seves him right -you reap what you sew – what goes round , comes round , if you can’t stand the heat etc. etc. etc .

  3. “Muslims seem to have no morals at all”. Mark Twain saw this truth over a hundred years ago when he wrote in “Innocents Abroad” about Turkey- “morals and whiskey are scarce. The koran does not permit Mohammedans to drink. Their natural instincts do not permit them to be moral.”

    Sad that Muslim parents in the Middle East (and unfortunately now in Europe, Australia and the US as immigration increases) are educating their children in the finely tuned art of hate and using them as tools of the jihad.

    How different might they be if there were such a thing there as, oh say, piano lessons…

  4. Quite a few photographers were conveniently at the scene. On a bend in the road. It was a set-up to catch Israeli drivers. The video would have been much more satisfying to watch if the driver had run over the lot of them before escaping the trap.

  5. By all rights, the driver should have stopped down the road , taken out his assault rifle, and sprayed the whole area…why, they all just tried to kill him and his passengers, which may have been children.

    I noticed that he did swerve to avoid hitting anyone, and acted logically. If I were in charge over there, all those Pali’s would be eating a hellfire missile, as muslims love death more than life. This is the exact arguement I would use afterward. Make them eat their own words.

  6. From my perspective the boy didn’t want to go into the vehicle about to take him off to hospital? Or is it just my imagination?

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