Chuckles finds a (mental) institution, the Grunard


Tim Blair

Charles “Insane” Johnson (the voice of the lunatic fringe left in America) finds his level, with a typically whiny piece about “hate-fuelled internet extremists” for the antisemitic, anti-American Guardian newspaper: The bloggers of hate.

Pamela Geller donned her chem-bio suit and waded into the mess in search of a point, coming up empty-handed. I’m glad she did it, so we don’t have to. (Hat tip: Charles.)

3 thoughts on “Chuckles finds a (mental) institution, the Grunard”

  1. Oh dear, Charles Johnson writing for the Guardian? It had to happen sooner or later I suppose, but jeez could there be any better example of a marriage made in hell?

    I had to avoid reading the article, for fear of further diminishing my mental capacity!

  2. No wonder the paper hasn’t made a profit in twenty years with journalists like this, sorry bloggers.
    Bring back Hot Metal!

  3. This was my comment on Charles Johnson article
    I wonder if Charles Johnson love what is going on in UK & in the world caused by Islamists, terrorists & even moderates Muslims,
    I believe THREATS are real & happening & Pamela only brings some awareness , she has the right to bring stories to our attention & that cannot be classified as HATE, when she is showing Islam’s hate to others & all documented.
    If Charles & others want to hide the truth that is hurting the world today = YOU DON’T CARE.
    I think Pamela is Brave & Spencer too, but you are not,
    They are brave they receive threats & that doesn’t stop them.
    For sure they care & you don’T

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