Dutch law seems of more use to real hate-preachers than those who expose them

Holland’s rulers are turning the country towards theocracy, attacking another politician’s right to even speak the truth about Islam:

Prosecutors say Dutch politician Geert Wilders cannot defend himself on hate speech charges by arguing that remarks he has made critical of Islam are true.

They say there is no general agreement about the nature of Islam and his statements are only his opinion….

Prosecutor Birgit van Roessel said at the start of her closing arguments Tuesday that the right to freedom of speech has limits, including when it infringes too far on the right of freedom of religion….

How come our hate-speech laws protect only Assholes like these?

This is obscene.

Meanwhile, the law seems of more use to real hate-preachers than those who expose them:

Radical The Hague imam Fawaz Jneid is demanding €55,000 in damages from MP Geert Wilders for using video footage of him without permission in his anti-Islam film compilation Fitna.

The hearing will take place in The Hague next Wednesday. Wilders is also appearing in court in Amsterdam next week on charges of inciting hatred and discrimination.

Wilders had used part of an interview with Jneid recorded for tv current affairs show Network in 2008.

The imam claims his portrait rights have been infringed, that Wilders broke the law and that his good name has been damaged.

Why is this POS not in the dock? How come the Dutch Inquisition is not going after him?

So what had Wilders shown Jneid preaching?:

Sheik Fawaz Jneid … cursed filmmaker Theo van Gogh in a sermon a few weeks before he was murdered exactly two years ago yesterday. According to terrorist suspect Soumaya Sahla, the murderer, Mohammed Bouyeri, was present at the sermon.

In his prayer, Fawaz said to Allah: Cause Van Gogh a disease which all the inhabitants of the earth are unable to cure. Cause him suffering making him long for death. Blind the sight of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, give her brains a cancer. Give her tongue a cancer.” Fawaz said this week he had just wanted “to blow off steam”.

Thanks to Andrew Bolt:  Do our Greens have the courage of Holland’s to criticise Islam?

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  1. maybe we have it wrong according to the Dutch judges, we should be walking around with big signs saying ”Kill all Muslims” or ”Behead all Muslims” but in a democracy Freedom of Speech means you are free to say anything you like and you are free to NOT agree with what is being said, if everything is taken at face value or as gospel then all judges and politician’s also belong in gaol.

  2. How about signs that say “Muslims , you are free to behead all Dutch Judges!”

    How about them apples?

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