Is Jihad Winning in Holland & America?

Holland is on my mind right now, partly because Geert Wilders is, unbelievably, still on trial for the “thought crime” of telling the truth about Islamic jihad but partly because a new study has just been released which shows that half the victims of honor-related violence in Holland (this means Muslimgirls and women) who sought shelter through the social service network, Fier Fryslan, were also sexuallyabused by their own family members.

Of the sexually abused girls, 52% were abused by a cousin, 22% by a brother and 20% by an uncle. 8% were abused by their father, 2% by a stepfather, and 2% by an acquaintance.

But, I am mainly thinking a lot about Holland because I recently met with and interviewed the mostamazing woman, the author, Abigail R. Esman, who has just published a very important book, Radical State: How Jihad Is Winning Over Democracy in the West.

Read it all….

“The West is in a war of ideas against political Islam. If free speech is not protected in Europe, we’re already losing.”

And of course, we are. One freedom-fighter writes about another: “In Holland, Free Speech on Trial,” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali in the Wall Street Journal, October 11 (thanks to JW)

Dutch court cuts jail time for jihadist who plotted to kill U.S. troops in Iraq

Maybe they needed to free up a cell for Geert Wilders. “Court Cuts Jail for Plot to Kill US Troops in Iraq,” from AP, October 13, via JW>>

Feel Good Story of the Day:

Nose Restored

Taliban oppression poster girl unveils new nose

A woman who became the poster girl of Taliban oppression in Afghanistan after being mutilated by her husband has unveiled her new face to the world. (Daily Mail)

AFGHANISTAN: Obama’s policies are the reason why deaths of women by self-immolation are on the rise (Barenaked)

2 thoughts on “Is Jihad Winning in Holland & America?”

  1. The hypocrisy of Islam is mind blowing! So much for the religion of peace. The religion of pedophilia is more like it. And the free speech that is being threatened here in America and abroad, there are more non muslims in the world than muslims!! We must fight them because their creeping jihad is a virus infecting the western civilization with 7th century mindset!! I voted for the current administration is office, I will not support a 2nd term. Islam a virus that must be eliminated. By any means necessary.

  2. Agree agree agree….but… come it takes a (woman’s) mutilated face to spark the outrage? Afghan men have been getting their body parts sliced off for decades for not being muslim enough. The West’s female-centric culture is one of the primary reasons the islamists consider us weak and inferior.

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