Germany's President Wulff Calls Islam "Part of Germany"- 71 % of Germans Say NO!

BREMEN, Germany (AFP) – Germany’s president called on his countrymen to work to integrate the country’s four million Muslims, acknowledging that Islam is “now part of Germany”.

(He didn’t say Muslims have an obligation to integrate, he said “Germans have to work to integrate”, isn’t there something wrong with that?)

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Undhimmi presents:

Anti-Integration Video Distributed to Swedish Muslims

Talk about biting the hand that fees you – the dangerous (but astonishingly well-tolerated) Hizb ut-Tahrir, an Islamic fundamentalist organisation which calls for the overthrow of western democracy and the creation of a worldwide Khilafah (Islamic Caliphate), is openly distributing this video and other materials to Muslims in Sweden, warning against integration and berating the ‘occupations’ of the West.

We wonder what it will take before Western governments reconsider the wisdom of their wanton Muslim immigration policies? H/T to our friends at the excellent Vlad Tepes Blog.

Integrate this?

Islamic training video for non-integration of Muslims.

5 thoughts on “Germany's President Wulff Calls Islam "Part of Germany"- 71 % of Germans Say NO!”

  1. * “Germans have to work to integrate”

    Any failure to alloy iron with clay is due to the catalysts & secret herbs and spices – nothing to do with the inability of the two substances to form a strong & lasting alloy. Herein lies the downfall of the European experiment. It won’t work – the wheels will fall off, much like the Soviet Union before it. It takes more than diversity officers, sensitivity training & elimination of free speech to create a cohesive nation, let alone an EU super-state.

  2. I think we need a program to retrain the “diversity officers” and make “repatriation officers” out of them, what say you?

    But knowing the type, perhaps it is easier to send them along with their pets…..

  3. I agree with Sheikyermami the Liberal arse kissers are so blinkered they love the world, its such a happy place and everyone is so nice, I hope someone is making a list of their names so when the shit hits the fan we can export them to be with their friends in mecca

  4. Actually the real problem is their excessive birthrate. This has to be stopped! If not, Europe will be destroyed in three generations.

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