Holland's Corrupt Supreme Court Judges Blame Wilders for "Undermining the Judiciary"

Thanks to Vlad Tepes

Circling the Wagons: The Dutch Judiciary has the jitters…

The president of the Supreme Court says remarks made by anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders “undermine” the judiciary.

Supreme Court President Geert Corstens should be on trial for supporting the corrupt system

Radio Netherlands:

Speaking on television, Supreme Court President Geert Corstens said statements such as those made by Mr Wilders about his hate-speech trial “address in an erroneous manner” feelings  among the public.

(Gee, I didn’t know it was about “feelings”, I thought it was about blaspheming Allah…?)

Mr Wilders has repeatedly denounced his hate-speech trial as a “political trial” aimed at limiting the freedom of expression. On Friday he said he had “lost all confidence” in the judges trying him on charges of group insult, inciting hatred and discrimination. A review panel later that day granted his lawyer’s request to have the judges dismissed for creating an appearance of bias.

(“Appearance of bias?” A dinner invitation to influence a witness  is a crime that taints the whole Dutch judiciary. Its not the “appearance”, its the fact of wrongdoing and perverting the course of justice…)

The Supreme Court president said undermining the judiciary was all the more serious in the case of an MP such as Mr Wilders. Mr Corsten said it was an MP’s task to help ensure the stability of the constitutional state.

* No. Its Islam and sharia that undermines the stability of the constitutional state, not Wilders. Wilders, as a patriot, exposes the collusion between the state, the judiciary and the invading soldiers of allah.

* Looks like “undermining the judiciary”,  exposing the insidious workings of the inquisitors, is the real crime here.