Honor Killings in Montreal and England

The Last Time (Rolling Stones)

Jilted boyfriend jailed for life for stabbing ex-girlfriend to death after they agreed to meet ‘one last time’

Vlad Tepes via The Daily Mail: A jilted boyfriend was jailed for life today after he admitted murdering a pretty schoolgirl on her way to a party.

A-Level student Aliza Mirza, 18, had ended her turbulent relationship with Yahya Gul, when she agreed to meet him to talk one last time. But Gul, who was 17 at the time, armed himself with a knife and stabbed her repeatedly leaving her to die on the street.

Members of the public tried desperately to staunch the bleeding, after she was found face down in a pool of blood, but she died in hospital later that evening.

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The RoP presents:

13-Year-Old Montreal Girl Killed by Father for Not Praying…

Quebec Honor KIlling: 13-Year-Old Girl “Slapped” With Such Force by 71 Year Old Muslim Father, She’s Dead — Tardy for Call to Prayer (Atlas Shrugs)

Pamela:  These stories make my physically ill. The 71-year-old pious Muslim “slapped” his daughter with such force that she died. Her crime: a lack of enthusiasm for the Muslim call to prayer.

The media calling it a slap is insane. One man’s fatal punch in the head is another dhimmi’s “slap.” Look how this news account never mentions which religion she was killed for. I think I am going to throw up. Socked in the head with such force as to kill her…………

Unlike Obama, the prettiest sound Noutene ever heard was not the Muslim call to prayer at sunset.

Update: The Father was a devout Muslim. (Who guessed it!)

Sons Stab Divorced Mother to Death for Seeing Men…

Are we to believe that this was not an honor killing, the way the Times Square car bombing was not Islamic jihad? Or the Fort Hood jihad was not ……….jihad?

We have been told that Mrs Shahzad had been seeing other men and I suppose it is likely that her sons may not of approved of this.

What’s important here is not that a vibrant, wonderful woman who was civic-minded and guided other Muslim women was brutally murdered by her sons in an honor killing. What’s important here is that we not mention the motive or the religious motivation behind honor killings, so as not to insult or defame Islam. That is what is key. That is what is important. Do not insult Islam. Honor killings are epidemic in the Muslim world (only Gd knows how many girls are buried under the porch in Pakistan), but they are increasingly on the rise in the West (more on that here — scroll.) But the feminists and the leftists and the Islamic machine scold us, remind us and admonish us to ignore this gender-cide and instead adhere to the sharia. Do not defame Islam.

It is why the Islamic supremacists tried to ban my taxi honor killing campaign here and my bus campaign for Muslims who must live in fear for their lives simply because they wanted to leave Islam.

Sons held after estranged wife who had been seeing other men is stabbed to death at luxury home Daily Mail

7 thoughts on “Honor Killings in Montreal and England”

  1. “But the feminists and … scold us, remind us and admonish us to ignore this gender-cide and instead adhere to the sharia.”

    They are NOT feminists, just weak, wishy-washy females (and men too).

    Alice Schwarzer has now brought out a book with a collection of essays and stories re: Islamic Influence in Germany.

    If you speak German: http://www.aliceschwarzer.de/

    There is nothing apologetic or appeasing about this women.

  2. “her 71-year-old father slapped her into a coma”???

    The old bastard will probably enter a plea of “senile dimensia”.
    She refused to go to Friday prayers so he slaps her silly…nice ideology Islam is.
    When are we going to ban Islam before Islam bans us?

  3. * Her crime: a lack of enthusiasm for the Muslim call to prayer.

    No, no, nothing to do with islam – “family friends” & police to the rescue:


    [Friends and family who came to mourn, many dressed in the brightly-coloured traditional dresses of their native West African country of Guinea, described a happy girl who got on well with her family.

    “We knew her very well,” said family friend Mama Doumdoula. “We never heard of problems in the family, with abuse or otherwise.”

    Doumdoula also discounted rumours the girl might have been rebelling against her father and his adherence to Muslim rituals. ]

    [Another neighbour said Noutene had been reluctant to go home Wednesday because her father was calling her for evening prayers.

    Longueuil police, however, said there was no reason to believe her death was part of an honour crime.]

    * “History of mental illness” coming up?

  4. One of my New Years wishes is to see all women,girls and female infants safe among their own families. The gender-cide that occurs against females in India and china is inhuman. Honor killings are against everything educated,civilized people hold true . It is a Mideivel concept that makes people more like animals than thinking beings. If people of the world speak up and expose it for what it is, change can happen

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