Islam: Advocating Sharia is an Act of Sedition

“Muslims will be living behind razor wire in the West.” (Glenn Beck)

Muslims all over the West call for the imposition of Sharia law in our countries. Sharia law is the opposite of Free Democratic Rebublican government. Yet anywhere between 25-40% of Muslims surveyed (wherever they are surveyed) want Sharia law to beceome the law of the land. (Astute blogger & Pastorius)

Taliban promises “Big Bang” for Britain

‘We preach the teachings from the Koran – that Jihad is our birthright and duty. And whoever we tell joins us immediately.’ Not to worry, its all about peaceful inner struggle, no doubt… or not?

British mosques finance jihad:

‘We get donations from our Muslim brothers in Britain for Jihad and they help us.”  What?

Britain is facing an imminent terrorist attack, an Afghan Taliban leader has revealed.

Speaking to a British television news reporter in a rare face-to-face interview, the commander also boasted that his group’s biggest source of funding came from the UK.

The unidentified man – who met with Sky News’ Chief Correspondent Stuart Ramsay in Kunar Province, Afghanistan – warned Nato commanders that he had hundreds of armed men ready to fight British and American special forces.  (Daily Mail has more)

Calgary gets a Muslim mayor

Lorna Dueck, creator, host and excutive producer of Listen Up TV, said it is a very significant event that a Christian faith community has welcomed a Muslim mayor.One of the strongest faith-based cities in the country, Calgary, is going to have a Muslim mayor and I just know that this is going to be a voice to the global community on freedom of religion that is going to have wonderful role modelling.”   (global disaster)

No, you can not spread Christianity in Turkey:

ISTANBUL – After four years of legal battle in a Turkish court, a judge acquitted two Christians of insulting Turkey and its people by spreading Christianity, but not without slapping them with a hefty fine for a spurious charge. (Source)

Murfreesboro: anti-mosque campaign lawyer suggests ‘flag of Shariah’ may already be flying over White House

A hearing over plans to build a mosque southeast of Murfreesboro will continue in Chancery Court today despite a Justice Department brief supporting Islam as a religion.

Attorney Joe Brandon Jr., in a press conference on the Public Square Tuesday in response to the brief, said plaintiffs contend the real issue is Shariah Law, not Islam. “Is Shariah entitled to Constitutional protection or is it sedition, which we intend to prove,” Brandon said.   (The Tennessean, 20 October 2010)

Al BeBeeCeera: We’re here to help!

BBC Taking Advertising from ‘Intifada Fund’ Islamic Bank

Imagine my lack of surprise this morning, when looking through the BBC’s News Online website, I discovered that thy were carrying paid advertising from a Saudi Arabia-based Sharia finance organisation, which (despite its Moody’s triple-A rating and UN Observer status), is implicated in terror funding.   (Undhimmi)

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  1. Lorna the Duck is a well intentioned idiot – and these people really annoy me – she is unable to understand that islam is a threat to ALL free peoples, and she is sufficiently arrogant to assume that she has the moral and intellectual upper hand.

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