Newcastle, Australia: community concern over proposed Elermore Vale mosque

“The Newcastle Council is dominated by Labor and left-leaning councillors who seem very willing to accommodate the growing demands of Islam.” What more do you need to know?

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Islam is growing in Australia and the Newcastle Muslim Association has expressed a desire to build a mosque in the quiet hamlet of Elermore Vale in Newcastle.

Last March, the NMA announced their intention to purchase land at 158A & 164 Croudace Road, Elermore Vale for $1.3 million. The site is across the road from the Elermore Vale shopping centre which was purchased by an unknown investor about nine months ago. It is obvious the cashed up NMA buoyed by Saudi petrodollars has designs on Elermore Vale.

The Australian Protectionist Party has been active in and around Elermore Vale since March, highlighting the NMA’s proposal.

APP interaction with the local community has revealed that many local residents oppose the building of a mosque and cite local, social and cultural concerns. Their concerns appear top be sincerely held and do not seem like the xenophobic knee-jerk reaction as suggested by the left wing media and certain individuals.

Elermore Vale is a very appealing site for the NMA and the expanding Muslim community for a number of reasons. The John Hunter Hospital is nearby. Newcastle University is only a stone’s throw away. The primary school is just around the corner and the shopping centre is across the road from the site of the proposed mosque.

The Newcastle Council is dominated by Labor and left-leaning councillors who seem very willing to accommodate the growing demands of Islam.

The mosque development proposed by the NMA will cost in excess of $6.6 million. In the submitted Development Application there are community facilities, a residence for the Iman, a funeral home and boundary adjustments to be made.

Finance for the huge 8300 square metre block will finalised by 12 November 2010. The source of the funding has not been revealed, however, the Saudis have been known to finance similar centres worldwide.

An announcement by the NMA that the mosque complex will be an epicentre for the NSW Muslim community has fuelled local concerns.

Residents of Elermore Vale are aware that in 2007 the nearby Wallsend Mosque was hijacked by about 150 radical Saudi, Algerian and Egyptian university students. The hardline students were accused of converting followers to the extreme Wahabi Islam and they ousted the local cleric. The deposed association president Yunus Kara accused the students of pushing for new leadership of the port city’s mosque in order to advance their radical agenda and continue “brainwashing” local Muslims. The deposed Iman Bilal Kanj said the students openly denied their Wahabi beliefs.

The APP and local residents fear that a similar thing could happen if the Elermore Vale mosque complex is allowed to proceed – possibly radicalising local Australian born Muslim youth. Politically correct and ethnic-vote-dependent governments at all levels refuse to consider these issues.

Of about 600 Muslims in the Newcastle area, there could be up to 150 international students who are adherents to Wahabi Islam. It represents a significant number of extremist views amongst a relatively small group of Islamic followers.

One way to deal with this situation would be to expel the radical students and thereby send a clear message that extremist views will not be tolerated in Australia. Instead our inept and cowardly governments only see the $2.2 billion worth of education exports to the Middle East – which they regard as more important than maintaining peace, security and community harmony in Australia. The cultural Marxists on both sides of politics prefer to turn a blind eye to the many problems created by Islamic immigration and seem happy to accommodate Islam’s constant and increasing demands.

Local Councils and the Joint Regional Planning Panel assess Development Applications on local issues only. It is obvious that local issues alone are not the only concerns. There are social and cultural implications that need to be discussed and taken into account before decisions are made. The State Government has been working overtime to quietly dispossess NSW Councils of their DA decision-making process by establishing the JRPP.

A residents’ group held a meeting at the Shaft Tavern on 4 September. The publican invited local residents and Ward 4 Newcastle City Councillors to discuss the Elermore Vale mosque DA. Over 150 local attended the meeting to express their opposition to the mosque proposal. Some local councillors attended and, to the dismay of local residents, they seemed to support the mosque proposal. If so, it is a sad state of politics when elected representatives appear to ignore the concerns of their constituents.

Over 250 residents attended another public forum, organised by the APP, on 19 September, again at the Shaft tavern. It was obvious that the residents felt betrayed by Newcastle Council and some of their local councillors. The residents who attended hotly debated the best course of action, and local groups were set up to campaign against the proposed mosque.

The APP will hold another public forum at 7.30pm Saturday, 30 October at Pioneer Hall, Wallsend. The party urges mosque opponents to inform their friends and other local residents of the event. Residents or concerned citizens who would like to speak on the night are urged to contact the APP to make arrangements.

Nick Folkes is the NSW organiser of the Australian Protectionist Party and was a candidate in the federal election.

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7 thoughts on “Newcastle, Australia: community concern over proposed Elermore Vale mosque”

  1. My heart is breaking when I read about this. This is my University city, the place of learning which encouraged us to believe in free speech. A place where we learned Comparative Religions and where we found out what Islam was all about and it was not good. That was ten years ago. Please Newcastle – Dont go Down that Track”. If you do, you will regret it at your leisure. Middle Eastern crime will be in your city forever.If you want any more proof than my words please go to Australian News Commentary – The rise of Middle Eastern Crime in Australia. Written by Tim Priest a former New South Wales Detective – and former Front Line Cop. He can tell you about the cowardly cops we now have in our society, but for the full run down on Middle Eastern Crime please go to

  2. Something else, the John Hunter Hospital is across the valley from the proposed Jami, and how are they going to feel about the continual cat calling to prayer that will go on day and night. It will drive everyone nuts. But, that is probably their intent.

  3. I would like folks to direct their concerns/interest directly to the Newcastle council – and it means you have to play nasty with these thugs. As left wing thugs they will lie and bully – so you folks have to do some digging – find out what their weak points are and exploit them. We are in a war, and left wing morons like the Newcastle council are playing for the enemy and being paid by the enemy – find the links and expose them. You cannot ignore these snide bastards any more or your concerns will be thrown away on the plate of political correctness.

  4. Gosnells council (Perth) doesn’t cave in (yet) – refuses permission for islamic school to use assembly hall as mosque – muslims get hurt feelings as council fails to recognise needs of “community” ….

    [A suburban council in Perth has rejected a request by an Islamic school to allow its school hall to be used as a place of worship for Muslim members of the community.

    The Australian Islamic College in Forrestfield asked permission for the assembly hall to be used as a mosque for up to 300 people for half an hour of worship on Friday afternoons.

    At their meeting last night, Gosnells councillors ruled the school hall could be used for worship only by staff and students.]

    [The college’s religious leader Burhaan Mehtar says it is disheartening the council has failed to recognise the needs of the community. ]

  5. Still OT, but what would you find searching on “Burhaan Mehtar”?

    Among other things, a “Muslim Guide to WESTERN AUSTRALIA”, produced by the WA Government …

    Department of State Development
    Department of Agriculture and Food
    Tourism Western Australia

    [The Muslim Guide to Western Australia is a valuable tool in outlining useful information that will assist Muslim business visitors, tourists and students.
    The guide features travel information such as domestic and international airline services and lists Consulate Offices located in the metropolitan area. A list of translators and interpreters, bilingual taxi drivers, Halal outlets and Mosques are also included in the guide.
    For those planning a longer stay in Western Australia, education information including Islamic schools and associations are outlined. Details on Federal and State Government agencies including the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Department of
    Immigration and Citizenship, are also included.
    Western Australia is a great place to work, invest, study or holiday. We hope the Muslim Guide to Western Australia will help you experience a memorable and valuable stay.]

  6. Let them have their bloody mosque but only on the grounds that Christians are allowed to build a church in Saudi Arabia.

    Reciprocity should be the name of the game at very stage

    Of course the evil and odious creeps that abound in the Saudi Arabian establishment could never let that happen …so OK… no dam mosque.

    No doubt Wahhabi central will then lift the stakes another notch and call in the help of the Embassy in Canberra…

  7. The protest meeting was a success with nearly 60 locals turning up to participate in discussion. There was not one individual who supported the NMA Saudi funded mosque proposal.

    It is sensational to see Australians finally waking up to the dangers of Govt. imposed multiculturalism. Muslims are incompatible with our Australian way of life.

    We plan to hold another protest, this time outside the Newcastle City Council chambers on a weekday within the month of November. I will keep bloggers informed on the protest date etc.

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