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  1. Sad to see how petro dollars have distorted the news. This is out right Teachery and Treason, when assisting an Ideology to infiltrate and eventually destroy your Democratic country.


  2. I prefer Homer Simpson who, according to a Vatican newspaper, is Catholic! Like Homer I like donuts and beer. But I also like raisins !
    I’m confused!! Am I a heretic who shold be ex-communicated or an infidel who is not worthy of 70 virgins/ raisins/reasons ?

  3. Mark Steyn:

    JUNE 18, 2011
    How could the Left not fall for the Arab-lesbian-blogger hoax?

    A century ago, a British Army officer went to the Levant and reinvented himself as Lawrence of Arabia. Now a middle-aged American male college student goes to the Internet and reinvents himself as Florence of Arabia.

    “Gay Girl in Damascus” wasn’t just a lie, it was pro-jihad leftist propaganda that included claims of Americans throwing dung at woman for wearing the hijab

    After all, left-wing radicals don’t throw dung, do they?

    We have noted a few times at this site that a curious hierarchical scheme emerges — like a strange game of “rock, paper, scissors” — when one finds the aims of fashionable left-wing causes such as feminism, gay rights, and campaigns against “Islamophobia” in competition with one another.

    That phenomenon is confirmed below in the discussion of “pink washing,” “a term used by some anti-Israel critics to decry any attempt to compare Israel’s treatment of gays with that of Arab states.” Even for the fictional Levantine lesbian, the Islamic agenda absolutely trumps even basic personal safety for gay people.

    Across the board, the worst thing about this affair, aside from Tom MacMaster’s nearly endangering those who sought to help his fictional character and the brazen theft of the image of a hapless Croatian expat in Britain, is Señor Sappho’s presentation of political fantasy as an authentic point of view, playing to the emotions of those already engaged in fantasy-based foreign policy. One sample from this NPR story reads:

    Meanwhile, hopefully, as grim as it may seem right now, the way to freedom has never seemed clearer! Our revolution will win; we will have a free and democratic Syria soon. I know it in my bones. Our greatest age is about to appear and we shall once more amaze the world. We will have a free Syria and a free nation; it is coming soon. The revolution will succeed and we will rise above sectarianism, despotism, sexism, and all the dead weight of these years of bitterness, of division and partition, of oppression and of tyranny. We will be free!
    Indeed, only in a fantasy would it be that easy. Highly instructive background on Tom MacMaster and astute commentary follow below. “Taken in by ‘Gay Girl’,” by Jonah Goldberg for the Los Angeles Times, June 15:

    I’d barely followed “A Gay Girl In Damascus” until last week, when Daily Beast columnist Peter Beinart posted something to Twitter: “This is really important — this woman is a hero,” with a link to a story about Amina Abdallah Arraf, a Syrian American woman and the author of the blog “A Gay Girl In Damascus.” According to the story, Amina had been seized by Syrian security forces for her dissident writing.
    Quickly, Amina’s arrest became a new Internet cause. Even the U.S. State Department joined the effort.
    And soon thereafter, the whole thing fell apart. Amina never existed. The author of “A Gay Girl In Damascus” was in fact a 40-year-old straight dude from Georgia living in Scotland. Rather than the sexy young lesbian in the photos (stolen from the Facebook page of a Croatian expat living in London), the photo of him in the Washington Post shows a man who looks like the bearded comic-actor Zach Galifianakis — in a Che Guevara T-shirt, naturally.
    Tom MacMaster was raised to be a peace activist. When he was a kid, the family trekked to the Pentagon to hand out origami doves to commemorate the bombing of Nagasaki. He’s the co-director of Atlanta Palestine Solidarity and claims to have visited Baghdad on a “student peace mission” to deter the Iraq war.
    In an “Apology to Readers” posted on June 12 from his vacation in Istanbul, MacMaster writes, “While the narrative voice may have been fictional, the facts on this blog are true and not misleading as to the situation on the ground.”
    He explains that as a white guy with an Anglo name, people wouldn’t take him seriously in online discussion groups. So he made up Amina and her countless fictional experiences in Syria and America.
    At first it sounds a bit like the old jokes swirling around the publishing industry: Lincoln sells. Medicine sells. Dogs sell. So let’s put out a book about Lincoln’s doctor’s dog! It’ll be a bestseller!
    Except McMaster’s ploy really worked. People desperately wanted to believe in this “hero”: a saucy, sage, left-wing member of the LGBT community who likes to wear the hijab, can’t stand Israel or George W. Bush and who parrots every cliche about the romantic authenticity of the Arab people and their poetic yearning for democracy, peace and love. Whereas no one cared about McMaster’s “Anglo” arguments, Amina’s assertions succeeded with little effort. For instance, “she” writes of the Palestinians’ need to return to their homes in Israel: “It’s simple but, maybe, you have to be a Levantine Arab to get this. It makes perfect sense to me.” Of course it does!
    CNN interviewed “her” — by email — for a story about gay rights and the Arab Spring. “She” said things were going great for gays. The feedback, even from Muslims, for her blog was “almost entirely positive.”
    But the CNN story troubled her. The outlet encouraged the sin of “pink washing” — a term used by some anti-Israel critics to decry any attempt to compare Israel’s treatment of gays with that of Arab states. Israel is tolerant, even celebratory, of gay rights (Israel recently launched a gay tourism campaign with the slogan “Tel Aviv Gay Vibe — Free; Fun; Fabulous”). Syria punishes homosexual activity with three years in prison (In Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Iran, the punishment is death).
    Who cares, Amina angrily responds. In fact, how dare “advocates of war, occupation, dispossession and apartheid” use Arab and Muslim hostility to gays as “‘evidence that the primitive sand-people don’t deserve anything other than killing by the enlightened children of the West.”
    Besides, “she” has never been harassed by Arabs for being gay. But in America, “she” has been “struck by strangers for being an Arab” and “had dung thrown at me” for wearing the hijab.
    Except that is a lie.
    Worse, it’s propaganda. McMaster’s fake-but-accurate lesbian was perfectly pitched to Western liberals desperate to alleviate the pain of cognitive dissonance. No longer must you think too hard or make tough choices if you’re, say, anti-Israel and pro-democracy or pro-gay rights and in favor of the self-determination of Muslim fanatics. Heck, you can even stop worrying and love a lesbian feminist who sees no big deal in wearing a religiously required sack over her head.
    Of course she was a hero. Of course she didn’t exist.

  4. Manji’s Relativistic Mush

    When she opens her mouth, she lies. The rest is tosh. The lesbian ‘refugee’ in Canuckistan is neither here nor there.

    She’s well and truly “deeply rooted in her faith”.

    Saith Irshad:(via Scaramouche)

    There are some conservatives, not all, but some, who want to put all Muslims in a box. They want to make the claim that in order for Western civilization to be safe, we must treat it as if it’s singularly superior. I’m not for a second denigrating Western society or culture – I know how lucky I am to have the freedoms I have. I think some believe other cultures are somehow inferior, that they can not have the things we have. If that’s what some on the right believe, I think they’re wrong.
    Speaking for “some conservatives,” it’s not that we think some cultures are inherently “inferior.” It’s that we know that, for those who value liberty, one must—must—live under man’s law, kafir law, a law that allows for the separation of mosque and state.

    In other words, and in brief: West is best.

    If saying such things “denigrates” Islam’s sharia law, so be it.

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