Some people believe this clown is intelligent…..

Bill Maher is a real man. Yes he is. He likes black women and hates black men. He even calls them niggers. Why? because he can. Because he’s a libturd:

“People say I’m into black women,” says Maher. “Robert De Niro is into black women. I’m just into women who are real, and they happen to be black.” (Source)
Picaninny poontang chaser Bill Maher goes off the deep end:

2 thoughts on “Some people believe this clown is intelligent…..”

  1. Of course people think he’s intelligent!

    He’s a celebrity! Celebrities are always considered intelligent by the media, even when they burble about things they know nothing about, such as economics, science and politics—or, like Maher, they let their racism show. As liberal celebs, they can get away with anything. The rest of us are just supposed to watch them adoringly, murmuring, “Cheee, he’s a celbrity, so it must be so!” If we question anything they say, we’re racist, and/or lacking in a sense of humor.

  2. Solution to Bill Maher:

    20 minutes in the prison yard at Guantanmo Bay. Krazy Glue a yarmulka to the top of his head, and throw a few shanks on the ground. Video tape it. When he begs and screams for his life, use one of his smart-ass remarks. Post on Youtube. Repeat with Code Pink members. Keep repeating until Americans get the message.

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