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“We have to be a country where freedom of expression thrives”

Obviously, that freedom does not include Mohammed cartoons, whereas the above protestor is within his rights……

Diane Macedo/Fox News

Colorado: “Taxpayer-supported, public museum which is family-friendly,” presents Jesus in a Sex Act

An exhibit at a Colorado art gallery is stirring up outrage from critics who say it depicts Jesus Christ in a sexual act.

Enrique Chagoya: a left wing asshole is something to be……

Enrique Chagoya’s The Misadventures of the Romantic Cannibals,created in 2003, is a multipanel piece in which “cultural and religious icons are presented with humor and placed in contradictory, unexpected and sometimes controversial contexts,” the artist’s publisher, Shark’s Ink, said on its website.

The lithograph, on display since Sept. 11 at the tax-funded Loveland Museum Gallery in Loveland, Colo., is part of an 82-print exhibit by 10 artists who have worked with Colorado printer Bud Shark. It includes several images of Jesus, including one in which he appears to be receiving oral sex from a man as the word “orgasm” appears beside Jesus’ head.

Edwina Echevarria, a Loveland painter who was part of a smaller group of counter-demonstrators outside the museum, said she agreed with Chagoya.

“We have to be a country where freedom of expression thrives,” she told the Reporter-Herald.

Don Surber of the Daily Mail says he wondered if Chagoya and his supporters would feel the same way if someone depicted Muhammad in the same way. (Don’t hold your breath)

Moonbattery presents:

Art Censored at Penn State for Being Critical of Islamic Terrorism

Penn State art graduate Joshua Stulman can’t say he didn’t get any knowledge for his tuition dollar. He learned quite a bit about the difference between a free society and one run by progressives:

Stulman is surprised that the same moonbats who would support the rights of Nazis to march in Skokie, Illinois do not support the right to criticize the historical allies of Nazis. He still has some learning to do regarding liberalism.

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  1. Muslims and their anti-Christian and anti-Jewish activities are always protected, while those who seek to point out the evils committed by Muslims, and the evils that lie at the heart of Islamic doctrine, are denied the protection of the authorities.

    If our public safety officials – and the DHS – refuse to provide protection against jihadi violence, without levying any additional charge (as in the case of Rev. Jones), this is gross dereliction of duty. What are our tax dollars paying for?

    Here’s another example of this hypocrisy:…because local authorities and the DHS refused to provide security.


  2. I stopped donating to my university about 10 years ago when I started seeing the FIRE alerts on PSU. Since I was a regular donor they kept calling me and I would escalate as high as possible on the phone and told them why I was not donating. Any mail solicitations I get that have free return postage I reply with a big red magic marker of why I’m NOT donating. Damn you PSU!

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