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Allahu akbar!

Mohammed is now the most popular name for baby boys ahead of Jack and Harry in the UK

Mohammed has become the most popular name for newborn boys in Britain.

It shot up from third the previous year, overtaking Jack, which had topped the list for the past 14 years but was relegated to third spot. (Daily Mail)

Replacing the natives with a Mohammedan proletariat has long been policy for the social engineers and Fabian Socialists from both parties…….

Omar Bakri: Participating in Holloween is The Greatest Crime Any Person Can Commit’

“Every year, thousands upon thousands of young children are encouraged to dress up as devils, witches, ghosts and many other various demonic figures. This act is followed by knocking from door to door requesting a treat or being tricked as part of the Halloween festival.  (MEMRI has more)

Abu Izzadeen Released From The Slammer

Years of Jawa Report background here.

Snippets from London Evening Standard:

A UK-born hate preacher released from jail today called for Britons to shun poppies on their first day of sale because they support “murder and illegal war”.Unrepentant Islamist firebrand Omar Brooks – real name Trevor – climbed on the 9ft outer wall of Pentonville prison to greet his dozens of followers who were chanting his name and shouting “Allahu Akhbar”.

Hate preacher is freed from jail and immediately tells Britons not to wear Remembrance Day Poppies

The 34-year-old, also known as Abu Izzadeen, accused British troops in Afghanistan of torture and rape.

Brooks, who was jailed in April 2008 for terrorist fundraising and inciting terrorism abroad, called for a boycott of buying poppies because the money will go to troops who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The cleric, whose Christian family is originally from Jamaica, shot to notoriety when he confronted John Reid during the then-home secretary’s first speech to a Muslim audience.

He said: ‘I want to talk to you about many of the atrocities in Afghanistan. Mosques are being destroyed.

‘Muslims are being murdered and tortured by the forces. I don’t believe anybody, even non-Muslims, should buy a poppy because they should not endorse this illegal war.

‘And if you look at how the poppy campaign has gone this year it was talking a lot about the people who have fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, that is the main drive of the campaign this year.

‘Brooks was asked if he was willing to condemn the 9/11 and 7/7 terror attacks, but refused to do so.

He said: ‘People talk about these things, at the 7/7 inquest the other day someone said afterwards it was like the Thriller video, with everyone covered in soot. ‘But that happens every day in Iraq and Afghanistan.’ (Daily Mail)

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  1. With comments like the one above by abuIzzzadeen, one wonders how the burkha isn’t a popular halloween costume – so easy to make – simply take the grim reaper’s hooded cape and add a square from the plastic netting from a bag of onions to cover the face — seeing one certainly sends the shivers up the spine.

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