‘’We don’t impose a particular dress code, however, women attending should be respectful of Islamic beliefs’’

Good dhimmies. Forcing women to cover up, downunder:

The City of Darebin’s acting mayor, Gaetano Greco: ‘’We don’t impose a particular dress code,’’ he said. ‘’However, women attending should be respectful of Islamic beliefs.’’

Greater Dandenong mayor Jim Memeti defended the ruling as part of a council strategy to promote ‘’greater respect, tolerance and understanding of others’’.

This strategy is directly contradicted by the demand for ‘’tolerance and understanding’’ being made of one side only, namely the non-Muslims…

Why must our tolerance give way to intolerance at the pool?

Andrew Bolt

Tough questions about how far public authorities ought to go in accommodating cultural practices that sit uneasily with mainstream Western values.

Julie Szego on how multiculturalism sells out our freedoms to an intolerant creed

And it exposes some disturbing and hypocritical currents in progressive thought, a point best and fittingly made by a Dandenong-based Muslim women’s group, set up to help newly arrived Afghan migrants integrate into Australian society. ‘’I’ve spoken to a lot of women; they don’t want this,’’ Women’s Better World president Mandy Ahmadi told the Dandenong suburban newspaper, flagging her campaign to overturn the ruling. ‘’Enough is enough … why run from the Taliban to come to this?’’

Read it all:  intolerance at the pool?

More tolerance for the intolerant:

A SAMOAN national avoided jail for smashing the jaw of a man because of a cultural duty to protect his sister.

But what about our own cultural duties?

Only moderate niqabs forced on young girls:

Muslim school denies forcing girls to wear the veil

Claims that children attending such schools were being “brainwashed” were also rejected. “However, we do encourage students to dress modestly.” (Source)

French officials rule burqa ban legal

Remember: France standing up for its cultural and societal identity is “hatred” and “Islamophobia.” Islamic countries standing up for their cultural and societal identities is a legitimate self-assertion. “Officials rule France burqa ban legal,” from CNN, October 7/via JW

France: Freedom sack removal causes unhappiness

A French court expelled a woman yesterday from the public gallery for wearing the full Islamic veil, the day after a law banning the garment cleared its final hurdle, an AFP correspondent reported. (AFP/Paris/French court expels veiled woman)