Al Azahr Seeks "Dialogue"


The Moslems are stuck. For the soldiers of allah “dialogue” means da’awa, calling the unbelievers to Islam. This is about “inviting” the Jews to embrace Islam,  about mending their ways, “to follow the right path”,  to stop denying that Muhammad was the last profit, to admit that the rabbis forged the scriptures that announced the coming of the holy profit, and to submit, or else.  Of course the sons of apes and pigs are always welcome to accept their natural status as dhimmies, to live as “protected people” under  the benevolent rule of Muslims, but we all know that the Jews are the “vilest of creatures” devoid of logic and common sense who will -once again- reject this generous offer to  ‘revert’……

Al Azhar to start dialogue with Those Who Must Not Be Named (Zvi)

From JPost:

Scholars at the oldest Islamic university in the world issued a proclamation on Tuesday that lifted an ancient ban on dialogue with Jews, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

The statement drafted by Sheikh Fawzi al-Zifzaf, chairman of the permanent committee for dialogue at Al- Azhar University in Cairo, was read during a gathering of senior faith and political leaders at Parliament in London.

“And the point of origin of this invitation is Islam itself [calling for] brotherhood and mutual understanding and the strengthening of bonds between Muslims and followers of the other religions, and the establishment of bridges of dialogue with scholarly institutions in Europe and America,” Zifzaf wrote.

The event was hosted by the Children of Abraham charity and Al-Azhar Institute for Dialogue with the Monotheistic Religions.

The Egyptian Sunni institute, founded in 970 CE, has had open channels of communication with Catholics and Anglicans since the 1990s; however, until now, it has had no direct talks with Jewish scholars.

While the proclamation did not mention Judaism by name, a spokesman for the grand mufti of the UK and alumnus of Al-Azhar, Sheikh Prof. Mohamed Elsharkawy, told the Post on Wednesday that its message was aimed at a Jewish audience.

You’ve got to understand there are extreme sensitivities,” the spokesman said.

“I’m not at liberty to say how hard it was to draft the document. In the process, the people who have taken the document forward have done so at great risk and danger, and so they’ve done that very carefully. There already exists a dialogue with Christians, so anyone with two brain cells can add up to what is being said here.”

I won’t be holding my breath.

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They steal, they lie, they kill. And the world kisses their ass. (Pamela Geller)

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  1. Mohammedans paint themselves in to the corner in so many ways , Allah is the ONLY true God, the Koran is the ACTUAL and UNALTERABLE word of this satanic entity. Yet still the moonbat Lame Stream Media and PC Multi Culti Islamophile left wing moonbats worldwide give them a freepass. No matter how many times they tell us that THEY are a War with US and whats more PROVE it by their actions. The moonbats in some form of liberal paternalistic arrogant idiocy say “yes yes thats what you say but WE know better than YOU how YOU think ” such is the arrogance and stupidity of Liberal moonbat “thinking??”

  2. “so anyone with two brain cells can add up to what is being said here”

    Well, that excludes muslims.

  3. Raymond Ibrahim: New book manifests wishful thinking about Muslim Brotherhood’s power in Egypt
    In a review of Inside Egypt: The Land of the Pharaohs on the Brink of a Revolution by John R. Bradley in the Fall 2010 edition of Middle East Quarterly, Raymond Ibrahim identifies a chief error that analysts of the Middle East and Islam make all too often: assuming that people in Muslim countries want what Westerners want. Human nature, of course, is everywhere the same; but that doesn’t mean that all people everywhere understand “freedom” or “peace” or “justice” in the same way.

    But Sharia inculcates a radically different value system from the one generally taught in the West. Had that been understood on September 11, 2001, thousands of lives and billions of dollars would have been spared. But it is still not understood today.

    […] While the Mubarak regime is responsible for many of Egypt’s woes, blaming all of the nation’s problems on it is misleading. By minimizing the Islamization of society and the influence of the Brotherhood, which the author claims “has made only limited inroads into the mainstream” since Egypt’s Muslims are “intolerant of extremist Sunni doctrine,” Bradley moves from fact-based evidence to conjecture and, perhaps, wishful thinking.
    Indeed, this is the book’s chief problem. Bradley is convinced that, given a chance, through the elimination of Mubarak, Egyptians would create a liberal, egalitarian, and gender-neutral society. This tendency to project things that are important to the author (though often not to Egyptians) is highlighted by his fixation on homosexuality in Egypt. The topic permeates the entire book, including a rather out-of-place section recounting the in-and-outs of Western gay tourism in Luxor….

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