Ashura: Islamic fanatics are mutilating themselves at a British mosque

Cultural enrichment: its that time of year again!

ISLAMIC fanatics are mutilating themselves at a British mosque in a bloody ceremony carried out only yards from a busy high street.

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“Like Them or Hate Them, Europe Has To Learn To Live With Its Muslims… Europe’s Past Is Catching Up With Its Present And Future”


Meanwhile, back in Bagdhad, the show goes on as usual:

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Shia Muslims use a five-bladed chain called a Zanjeer to whip their own backs and make cuts in their foreheads with razor blades in homage to their faith.   Bare-chested men were left bleeding heavily during the ritual known as Matam – self-flagellation – which a witness described as being “like a scene from a horror film”.

The Sunday Express found that up to 800 men performed the bloody ceremony in secret at the Imamia Mosque in Forest Gate, east London, last year.

The Matam takes place during the annual Shia Ashura ceremony and commemorates the death of Husayn, a grandson of the prophet Muhammad. It is practised largely in Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and India as well as Yemen and Afghanistan but this is the first time it is known to have taken place in Britain.

Huge wooden screens were put up around the mosque to keep the event secret and prevent passers-by on busy Romford Road seeing the bloodletting.

The Sunday Express visited the mosque last week and learned that the ceremony took place last December and is due to be repeated next month. One man who witnessed the ceremony last year was so alarmed by what he saw he nearly passed out. He said: “There was blood everywhere. There were pools of blood on the ground and my clothes were splattered with blood. It was very scary.

Other news:

“I was told it was part of a religious ceremony but the anti-western sentiment was clear. If the public had seen what was going on they would have reported it to the police. It was like a scene from a horror film.”

A devout member of the mosque who attended last year’s ceremony said he was proud of the thick Matam scars across his back and showed them to our photographer. Ameer Hamza, 21, a student from Forest Gate said: “I started doing it when I was a kid. ”

Scotland Yard said it was aware of the annual Ashura event at the mosque but had no knowledge of the bloodletting which it said it had no power to ban.

A spokesman said: “If it is on private property and no offence is being committed this is not a matter for the police. The Ashura is an annual community event which has taken place in Newham for many years.”

Newham Council said it had no know-ledge of the Matam taking place and the Ministry of Justice said self-flagellation was not an offence.

To Shiite Muslims, this is the holy month of Muharram, when they honor the death of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Mohammed in a battle fought at Karbala in the 7th century. The height of this month is the celebration of Ashura, which was marked worldwide on Thursday.

Happy Ashura, you bloody maniacs….

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  1. Happy Ashura indeed.

    Oh the joys of Multiculturalism and Diversity.

    OIC chief will insist, depending on the circumstance

    1. That this has nothing to do with Islam


    2. Ashura like Islam has always been part of Europe, so it has to be accepted.

  2. Ya Gotta Love em ay!!!

    The sight of a grown man and his male children frothing at the mouth, half naked, hairy men slashing their heads and flogging themselves with chains whilst their wives , daughters and mothers look on from the side lines adoringly upon them, clearly wishing that they to had of been born with a dick and a set of balls so that they could also reap 100% the benefits of been a Muslim. hmmmmmmmmm well it just takes you back to the days of …. well you know the days of …… Hmmmmm just when were those days in England, fRANCE usa , Australia when we all got out and behaved like half starved drugged fucked Devil Worshiping savages? or have I been exposed to too much Multicultural re education?

    Hey I am sure it’s very British but hey I just cannot recall behaving like that can YOU ?
    Come to think of it I cannot remember doing anything like that, as an expression of my Religion or Judeo Christian Western Democratic Culture how bout you ?

    So when will this Godless Savagery become compulsory ? Will local councils soon be offering self Mutilation and chain whipping workshops for infidels so as we join in or understand the benefits of the “Religion of Peace” Multi Faith Outreach at it’s best,so as not to offend Muslims?, I mean I don’t want to be branded a Racist,or an Islamaphobe do YOU ?

  3. “If it is on private property and no offence is being committed this is not a matter for the police…”

    He’s basically telling you that IT IS A MATTER FOR THE POLICE, otherwise he would not have even thought to say that.

    Plenty of offence when you cut the skin of a baby.

    Solution: All should be charged with aiding and abetting child abuse/torture. Then everyone in attendance should be whipped in the face with their own Zanjeer, to the point of extreme blood loss, with only blood labelled “Jewish” available for life saving transfusion via “The Red Cross”.

  4. I used to feel sorry for shia muslims when I learned that Saddam was down on them. Now I understand why he was down on them. They are some dumb-ass people.

  5. I wonder if the dopey poms then permitted these freaks to use the free National Health System so that they dont get infections and die.

    Islam isnt about submission at all… but stupidity.

    Meanwhile here in Australia they are letting these ignornat useless dumb f*& cks in by the boats loads…courtesy of Gillard and Rudd.

  6. Why dont they use the knives on their throats? Finish themselves off forever and then off to male paradise. yipee!!

  7. you guys are some fucked up skinheads and racist pussies talking shit about the shiites.
    if shiites want to flagelate themselfes in secret then wtf does it matter to yous? you fucking pussies…
    they do it in secrete because of poussies like you who cant stand a little blood, so why the fauck do you want to fucking ban them ha????
    fucking racist dogs….

  8. here is where liberals, the politically correct and simply stupid humans lose their ability to function in a “normal” society ! this has nothing to do with racism, nor does it justify your horrific attempt at spelling…this is a culture that “most” people simply want “NOTHING” to do with…not in our communities, not in our school systems and certainly not in our countries…go somewhere that welcomes this with opened arms…instead of trying to shove “YOUR” cultures down the throats of every human abroad… its sad to watch the very culture that certain countries harbored for years be replaced by “ignorance” and “stupidity”…and yes, that does include the U.S.A ….just look at any inner city playground…i guess the tiny little gang members enjoy flagellation as well…the truth hurts spongebob , but your cowardly attempt to blanket it with childish racist remarks is getting “old” across the entire planet….

  9. Opponent,
    So I guess suicude bombing is not “hurting yourself”!!!???? Go and educate your fellow muslims and then come by again.

  10. I’m Muslim from iran i never saw this view befor i don’t know where from this pictures im 17 this site just wana Show muslim self-blinded i just wana say .|.

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