"Benevolent Pedophilia"

Tim Blair: Friends

Documentary maker Kerry Negara explores the life and perversions of late Australian artist/deviant Donald Friend:

The very famous Australian Barry Humphries, actor, comedian, writer and social commentator (the “Edna Everage” character) described Friend’s way of life as “benevolent pedophilia” …

James Murdoch, an art historian who knew Friend during the Bali time, says “The reality is the boys seduced him.”

Yep. That’s the cause of pedophila: sexy kids.

Are these the same kind of people who accuse the EDL of causing Islamic jihad……?

Andrew Bolt : ‘The pedophile an artist would love’

Back to square one: Children cause pedophilia, money causes theft, women ask for rape and elephants are responsible for the illegal trade in ivory…. we need to be ‘open minded’ and ‘all inclusive’, not  “limited by traditional Judeo-Christian values”- right?

And the “far right” EDL is responsible for Islamic jihad. Right?


Egyptian Artist Draws Portrait Of Naked Woman On Beach

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 19: Securitymen apprehended an Egyptian artist while he was drawing a portrait of a naked woman at a famous beach in Salmiya. He was referred to the concerned authority for necessary action.

2 thoughts on “"Benevolent Pedophilia"”

  1. Well, however bad ‘benevolent paedophilia’ is, it’s still a lot better than Islam’s ‘malevolent paedophilia.”

    Not that I am advocating either, merely stating that the legalised rape of young girls, followed by their stoning to death or otherwise being killed for being raped is The most malevolent.

    Children need our protection and any religion whose holy text endorses paedophilia is not a religion at all. Criminal acts can never be excused on the grounds of religion.

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