Germany in fear of Islamic terror, Muslim thug-in chief calls for "better protection"- of mosques….

Beyond parody. Cry me a river:

A German Muslim leader on Saturday called for better protection of mosques across the country in the wake of the latest arson attack on Berlin’s largest mosque, IRNA office in Berlin reported.

Talking to reporters, the Chairman of the Central Council of Muslims Aiman Mazyek said, “Rarely does a week go by without an attack on a mosque.” “The current terror hysteria exacerbates this climate … and strengthens those people who plans such attacks,” he added.

Mazyek was referring to Friday’s arson attack on the Sehitlik mosque, the fourth of its kind on the worshipping house over the past six months. (Bunglawussi Watch)

Terror Warnings ‘Should Not Be Politically Abused’

“Never let a good crisis go to waste…”

Security in Germany has been ramped up following this week’s terror warning from Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière. So too has the political rhetoric. German commentators say that politicians should be ashamed for trying to take advantage of heightened anxiety in the country.  (Spiegel Online)

“Enjoy your stay in Germany….”

Deterrent Effect

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2 thoughts on “Germany in fear of Islamic terror, Muslim thug-in chief calls for "better protection"- of mosques….”

  1. @ the German guy, Chairman Of The Council Of Muslims

    muslims move in on countries and then criticise them. piss off nobody likes islam – take the hint, the enormous hint, and bear in mind how no trouble comes out of any other religious establishment.

  2. You are a liar Mazyek! Till the present the German people have tolerated the whining, intolerant, and back-stabbing muslim community that contributes nothing. But this will change soon. Any damage to mosques is almost certainly perpetrated by muslims themselves – and they have been caught several times doing this in Europe!!!!

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