Cat Amongst the Pigeons


A black knight among the race-baiting Marxist grievance mongers? I’ll pay to see that show!

Newly-elected Florida Congressman Allen West (R) said that he will “absolutely” join the historically Democratic Congressional Black Caucus when he gets to Washington in January.

“Oh, absolutely right,” West told CNN in response to a question of whether he would join. “I think I’m more than qualified. I am a congressmember-to-be, and I am black, so I think that I have every right to be a member of the Congressional Black Caucus. Unless all the sudden before I get there they decide to change the name.”

2 thoughts on “Cat Amongst the Pigeons”

  1. LTC Allen West —- what a great congressman he’ll be!!!
    How many times did Don Lemon say “Listen”?

  2. I just adore Alan West….I think he would make a great President!! now there is a REAL African American!! the “other” one is of arab descent, of northern muslim Kenya…. Alan West is a PATRIOT, a brilliant speaker, and a really decent human being, something Obama is not, and could never aspire to be!

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