Cologne Cathedral Attacked

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“A mentally disturbed man”  firebombed the altar of the cathedral. Guards could extinguish the fire and prevent further damage. “The man” has been arrested. More attacks like in Carcassonne & Avignon should be expected, especially when the soldiers of allah get their new supremacist mosque which will dominate the skyline of Cologne.

In German:

Geistig Verwirrter™ verübt Brandanschlag im Dom

Ein 29-jähriger Mann hat am frühen Mittwochmorgen einen Brandsatz auf den Altar des Kölner Doms geworfen. Der geistig Verwirrte™, so der Kölner Express, sei in die Kathedrale gestürmt sein und habe eine Flasche mit brennbarem Inhalt in Richtung des Altars geworfen, woraufhin Holzteile Feuer fingen. Die Aufseher im Dom konnten den Brand allerdings schnell löschen und den Täter festhalten. [mehr]

8 thoughts on “Cologne Cathedral Attacked”

  1. More White pussy’s. Germany is a country of cowards. They have no problem acting tough, not unlike England, when are drunk at a soccer game. WAKE UP

  2. Yeah, that’s it, make excuse for the barbarian, he has “mental issues”. Don’t they all?

  3. According to reports . The man in question is a mentally unstable Irishman with zero Islamic connections. No conspiracy here folks . Just some unfortunate person who needs help.

  4. Folks,
    An important point – the islamic thugs do enough to shoot themselves in the foot and we should not help their miserable cause by falsely attributing crimes to them. Yes, even though they are the population group that commits the most crime per per person! However if we falsely accuse these bastards then the left wing liberal media (which at the present time is our real danger) will score points. For example, the c___ Obama is a construct of those who control the left wing media, and he is doing a great deal of damage at the present moment. So wait until the facts are verified, then pounce. And if the facts are not released then we take the media to task. And to the left wing fuck-wits who control the left wing media … do not be so stupid to think that you cannot be brought down and punished by law.

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