Hijab Jihad, Grievance Jihad, Litigation Jihad

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“Revert” was asked to remove hijab at skating rink, sez she was “shocked”- so the Islamic grievance machine goes in top gear. Of course, if she had caused an accident (like here) she and her backers would have sued as well. Either which way we lose. Wanna bet that the skating ring backs off once the “racist-bigot-Islamophobic” accusations fly?

Woman Says Vernon Skating Rink’s Policy Discriminates Against Muslims

VERNON, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut woman says a roller rink’s request that she either remove or cover her traditional Muslim head scarf was discriminatory.

“We couldn’t enter the facility because we had our scarves on,” said Rodriguez-Colon, who has worn the scarf, or hijab, for 16 years.

(Nothing “traditional” to see here. Just in-your-face Islamic supremacy. Islam tops your kafir laws, back off, infidel!)


Marisol Rodriguez-Colon of Windsor tells WTIC-TV that she and her sister-in-law went to the Ron-A-Roll indoor rink in Vernon on Sunday for her niece’s birthday party. She says inside, a woman who identified herself as a manager, told them they would have to either remove their hijabs or wear helmets. She was told the rink has a policy prohibiting headwear.

Rodriguez-Colon said removing her scarf was “not an option,” and they left.

Rink management issued a statement reiterating the no headwear policy and saying helmets are offered for safety purposes.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations says it has filed a complaint with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.

2 thoughts on “Hijab Jihad, Grievance Jihad, Litigation Jihad”

  1. The policy is clear.
    If I walked in there with a veil or something that covers my ears, I would have been told to leave too.
    I think that WE should tell facilities that WE are offended by them and their “PRIDE”, which ofter over rides OUR FREEDOM or safety in this case.
    If the next time you go somewhere and there is a freak with a sack over her (or his head) leave and tell the facility that they are putting you in danger.
    You will never know if you walk in to a Mall and some burqa wearing b!tch has explosives under her crap. And no one would be able to ID the IT wearing the sack, because they are covered even the eyes sometimes.

  2. Actually this woman insulted the roller rink by coming dressed up as if she was going skiing. The management has every right in the world to kick the stupid bitch out. In their uncivilized countries, we have to comply with their barbaric rules, but over here, they obey our rules or they can bugger off.

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