Education Jihad in U.S. Public Schools

Schools: Islam…yes! Christianity…no!

An expert on Islam explains that schools across the United States have implemented radical Islamic curriculum in public schools.


Brigitte GabrielBrigitte Gabriel, founder of ACT! for America, explains that students are required to become a Muslim for three weeks, adopt Muslim names, memorize verses from the Quran, and visit a mosque for a field trip. If students try their best on assignments, she says, they will be guaranteed a good grade.

Students in these programs, laments the conservative activist, must also recite the Islamic prayer for salvation, which describes Islam as a straight path to God — and Christianity in error.

“Here’s what they’re teaching in the public schools; [here’s] what they’re telling the students they have to memorize and recite,” she says — “‘Praise be to Allah, Lord of Creation, the compassionate, the merciful, king of judgment day. You alone we worship, and to you alone we pray for help.'”

Christian and Muslim symbolsGabriel sees more than a little inconsistency in how the material is being presented. “Remember, this is public school where we can’t even say we have a Christmas break — we have a ‘winter break,'” she exclaims. “Where we can’t even say we have Easter break — it’s now called ‘spring break.'”

The ACT! for America president explains that Islamic ideologies are prevalent in textbooks, such as the way the term “jihad” is explained. She says instead of portraying the idea as one of violence and bloodshed, the texts describe it as a struggle against oppression — the same description that al-Qaeda presents.

She argues that “what they’re doing is literally brainwashing our students to prepare them to turn against our own soldiers and our own military and government by basically feeding them the talking points of al-Qaeda.”

Gabriel contends that if students were to recite Bible verses, adopt Christian names, and learn a Christian prayer for salvation, many Americans would be infuriated, arguing it violates the alleged separation of church and state. But because of political correctness, she says, Islamic indoctrination is allowed in public schools.

5 thoughts on “Education Jihad in U.S. Public Schools”

  1. We must stand up against Shariah
    We must stand up and say that Islam is not only a religion, it is a LAW, and a POLITICAL IDEOLOGY. The LAW is the top of the ISLAMIC pyramid. I’m Jewish and I cant’ even have my daughter wear a magen david.

  2. I was going to say something but it’s difficult to find the words .
    In fact , what’s wrtitten above speaks for itself
    How often can you say ‘lunacy’ before it has no effect any more?

  3. It IS lunacy when you ban all things Christian & substitute islam. Boot out the school board members who have allowed this. Refuse to send your kids to school until it’s changed. MAKE them listen to your legitimate concerns.

    Otherwise, bend over & prepare to submit.

  4. Lunacy! In a few years we will all be sujected to headbanging and arsslifting. Wearing bedsheets and growing ugly beards.

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