Empty Suit Returns Empty Handed From Every Front

WASHINGTON –  Obama limps home after worst 10 days of ‘political life’

President Obama is coming home from his overseas trip pretty much empty-handed.

Hussein Obama’s global stature has taken a catastrophic fall, as evidenced by his latest trip overseas. Even the New York Times cannot avert its eyes from the disastrous decline in his (and therefore America’s) influence: Obama’s economic view is rejected on world stage (Eotw)

And empty handed shall he leave the White House …

Obama leaves G-20 empty-handed on currency issue USA Today

No US-SKorea trade deal; Obama returns empty-handed

Stinging setback: the United States and South Korea failed to reach agreement on an elusive free-trade deal

(American Thinker) Germany (which has recovered nicely from the global financial meltdown by shunning stimulus spending) rejects him out of hand: “Germany rebuffs Obama on trade gap”

(Atlas) President Sarkozy called him “a madman,” “a lunatic.”  “INSANE!”

Foreign leaders have taken the measure of Barack Obama, and found him a lightweight, a head of state whose proposals can be dismissed as substance-free fantasies, unworthy of serious consideration. American voters should take note of this, for nobody understands a national leader better than his or her peers. Foreign leaders are also immune to the blather of the American propaganda media.

We have a serious problem when the leader of the free world carries no weight. America has two more dangerous years with this poseur, this dabbler of an ideologue at the helm.

3 thoughts on “Empty Suit Returns Empty Handed From Every Front”

  1. Rumour has it that the Chinese PM told Obama to the effect ” You (US) are the sick man, and you want us to take the medicine – Buzz off”.

    Also Angela Merkel said “Nein”.

  2. Yes, it is true. Some of my students in China confirmed it to me yesterday. Obama made a big fool of himself at the meeting last week and not forgetting Michelle who is too dirty to even touch according to Obama’s countrymen the Indonesians. Perhaps she should have worn the full burqu. Hilary and some of her side kicks are much to the amusement of everyone. Even Obama. How low can one Secretary of State crawl on her belly?

  3. As one who has lived on the sea and tied to many docks, here is an apt comment concerning U.S.s financial position. It’s a little crude, but you are up SHIT CREEK WITHOUT A PADDLE, while being led by Obama.

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