Fartwa Watch: The Imam's Have Spoken

The question is: why should we care? Why should we, the non-Muslim majority,  bother about what Muslim clerics have to say about anything? Are they not the same people who are religiously obliged to terrorize us? Shouldn’t they be told to STFU and take a camel or a magic carpet ride if they don’t follow our rules?

Or has it got anything with this…?

Figures… Naked Body Scanner’s CEO Was Obama’s Special Guest on His Trip to India (Gateway)

2 thoughts on “Fartwa Watch: The Imam's Have Spoken”

  1. Bugger all this ‘ who should be searched and who not ‘
    Total isolation is the only answer – take their oil off them and build a wall round the middle east .

  2. This is absurd…the whole point of screening is to safeguard innocents against terrorists, specifically muslim terrorists, even though most won’t admit it! So can someone please explain how the muslim masses may
    have the option of opting out of the scans?????? And more importantly, if this should come to pass, what do the rest of us plan to do about it?

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