Jihad vs Appeasement

Oops! ‘Rightwing’ Terror Suspect Turns Out to Be a…Leftwinger

Of course, people like Whoopi Goldberg will still insist that this woman is a “right wing terrorist” because that’s what she believes and if told she is wrong, she will answer, “We’ll have to disgree on that…”     Read more: NewsBusters

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London Suggests Bush Could Be Arrested for Torture If He Lands in London

This is a guy who claimed his grandfather was Muslim, just to win the election. But don’t call him a whore, that would be insulting to whores. And I’m not a Bush friend.  News Busters

MUMBAI: An alleged twisting of a Quranic verse by a participant has landed a channel’s comedy show in a major row.
Times of India

Budget Jihad: Al-Qaeda magazine praises air cargo plot, boasts of jihad on a budget

Peanut Khadr has ‘Republican friends…’

TSA Chief Pistole Admits America Won’t Adapt Israel’s “Top-Notch Security Procedures” Because “Americans Don’t Profile” (Video)

It’s all for our own good

TSA Chielf Pistole also told Candy Crowley that the US could adopt Israel’s “top-notch” security procedures but won’t because, “Americans don’t profile.”

TSA Forces Woman to Cut Off Her Nipple Rings With Pliers (Video)

“It’s for safety, Maam. Here’s the pliers. Now cut them off.”

This video shows one woman slammed to the floor for arguing with a TSA agent. Another 71 year-old man with a knee implant describes how TSA pulled down his pants. A 16 year-old girl with a prosthetic leg has her pants removed.

Young boy strip-searched by TSA

Gropings Are For the Little People… Hillary Clinton Says She Would Avoid TSA Pat Down (Video)

Shrillary won’t let the TSA touch her junk

Atlas Shrugs:

The Obama administration, poltical elites and media shills have surrendered to jihad. They have set Americans in their sights. It is Americans who are under attack. The 911 attack on us continues with the Ground Zero mega-mosque and the increasing invasion of our privacy, the harassment, the attrition — all hallmarks of a police state.

The American people have had it.

Obama’s Department of Defense has banned any mention of Islamic extremism. The ummah is not held responsible for daily attacks of jihad across the world. Instead, Obama submits to the supremacists’ agenda and sanctions Islamic imperialsim here and abroad. These strip searches, these security measurs, are because of Islamic terror. Period. We must profile. That is the fact, and my saying it makes me bad guy. My colleagues and I are targeted, while every day we lose more freedom, more privacy, more of our rights. And Islam advances.

This video is horrible and that child is scarred ……………..enough.

On November 24th, a series of protests are to take place across the country and even internationally as growing backlash against full body scanners and invasive pat downs continues in full force.

If you wish to join a protest, they can be found on a Google map found here. If there is no protest at your airport, please create a meet up for it!  Make sure that your airport is found on the list of airports with full body scanners.

While the TSA claims you can opt out of full body scanning, you are then subject to a rigourous “pat down,” which is exceptionally evasive.  Rather than be subject to a simple metal detector and basic patdown, you are now forced to be photographed naked or sexually harassed by the offiicers. (more at The Examiner)

American Thinker: Operation Fetal Position