Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison Whines About Not Being Able to Cheat

D-Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison Objects to Voter Fraud Crackdown

Not being able to cheat is “unfair”-  first Muslim headbanger in congress…….


During a press conference Thursday, Minnesota Majority held a press conference to outline their objections to a local policy recently implemented that bans tea party-themed clothing and buttons at polling places, as well as the group’s Election Integrity campaign buttons which call on watchdog voters to report instances of voter fraud.

Congressman Keith Ellison, D-Minn., was in attendance and weighed in with his support for the new rule and accused the Voter Integrity campaign of voter intimidation.  When the media pressed him, the congressman abruptly ended his remarks and walks away (h/t Hot Air)   Read More »

Giggle of the day: Al Sharpton sez ‘Blacks unemployed because of institutionalized racism’

Al is of the opinion that if a black individual does not get preferencial treatment in all things simply because he is black, it is racism. In my world, one gets a job, and gets ahead in that job and life because of hard work, not because of a handout based on race.

If you are black you get free education, if you have ANY skills, you help diversity quotas…

‘False Images’: Peanut Khadr (Jimmy Carter) Blames Fox News for Perception That Obama Is Muslim

Hey, according to Islamic law the son of a Muslim is… Muslim.  So here’s a guy who’s whole family is Muslim, who surrounded himself with Muslim agit-props all his life, who runs on the Muslim ticket but Peanut Khadr knows better. My head hurts!

Inauguration Day surrounded by African and British-based family. Stepmother Kezia standing next to the President

“They’ve been successful in projecting him as a person who is not a citizen of America.”  Read More »

Home sweet home….

Before the election his African grandma was a “Christian”, after  the Muslim impostor was elected, grandma went on a hajj to Mecca…… (The AP scrubbed the web to protect this deceitful turd…)

No, Mr Peanut Khadr; if you say so Hussein Obama is not a Muslim. You wouldn’t tell a lie, would you now, you miserable POS…?

I really wish the old Jew-hating scumbag was melting  in a barrel of acid……….

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  1. This is a satirical website

    Oh, that’s a relief. I was beginning to think that you were bat**** crazy nut.

    BTW, Spencer–Defender of Freedom of Speech–banned me from Jihadwatch….for disagreeing with him…

    Less than two weeks after my first post, I was banned–I only commented sporadically on about 4 articles.

    He is better at silencing dissent like than the USSR.

    1. Wow, you lasted two weeks on JW?

      I guess we should be impressed.

      Spencer is very tolerant. He is merciful and compassionate, just like your profit. We’ve had many taqiyya artists here, but their shelf life is shorter than that of a blowfly. I can promise you that you won’t last that long here if you don’t start making any sense any time soon.

      Have you read the conditions for posting on WoJ?

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