No Sharia in America, right?

“Freedom Yes! Sharia Law, No!” Bumper Sticker  Provokes Stabbing in Refugee Resettlement Town

Atlas: a friend of mine …..  has a bumper sticker that says “Freedom Yes! Sharia Law, No!”… He and his wife are each former military and are attending college on the GI bill. They have a large Somali population in their area, probably because of the RRP program (below). A week ago when he was walking to his car in the school parking lot he was assaulted by a man but was able to fight him off and get away. Two days ago, he was once again walking to his car in the school parking lot and a knife wielding assailant stabbed him in the chest. The information is below:

Man stabbed at Green River Community College

Sharia Victory:

New Jersey County Caves to Obama’s Department of Justice Hijab Lawsuit

Here is what Obama said in Cairo:

That is why the U.S. government has gone to court to protect the right of women and girls to wear the hijab, and to punish those who would deny it.

I know there is debate about this issue. I reject the view of some in the West that a woman who chooses to cover her hair is somehow less equal, but I do believe that a woman who is denied an education is denied equality. And it is no coincidence that countries where women are well-educated are far more likely to be prosperous.

I have have never heard Obama address the unspeakable treatment of women in the Muslim world. I have never heard him denounce clitorectomies, child marriage, slavery, honor killings, etc. But he talks of “the struggle for women’s equality in America.”

Atlas Shrugs:Essex County NJ infidels submit to Islamic supremacism

    Now let me be clear: issues of women’s equality are by no means simply an issue for Islam. In Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia, we have seen Muslim-majority countries elect a woman to lead. Meanwhile, the struggle for women’s equality continues in many aspects of American life,..

    One thought on “No Sharia in America, right?”

    1. Obomba defended the muslimas right to wear a headcover
      but did not defend their right not to wear it.

      Sharia law is too oldfashioned and not compatible with modern times nor with the U.S .constitution /western laws or the “future plans” of the mighty ones who will never submit to any religion.

      Muslims themselves are digging the grave for tolerance,
      People are getting tired of the one-way traffic with islam,
      they will go against islam in favor of freedom.

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