The hollow hand salute & the heartless pledge

The disgraceful Muslim POTUS in pictures: insolent, arrogant and pernicious. Will America ever recover from the damage of this insufferable presidency?

Too dumb to know left from right or just insulting America?

Crotchman is not with the program…..

America is not his country. Who voted for this POS?

Epic Fail:

Obama defends his trip to Asia, saying he is overseas to create jobs in America (which jobs? what kind of jobs? The only job we heard about is an “internet czar”, one who is to control what you can view on the web?)

Obama suffered diplomatic defeats Friday at the Group of 20 summit, failing to ink a new free-trade agreement with South Korea. The President also was unable to convince world leaders to take a tougher stance against China’s currency rates.  The U.S. says the Chinese yuan is undervalued and that gives China an unfair advantage for its exports.

Political scientist Doug Muzzio tells the Daily News that Obama’s trip and the midterm elections marks the “worst 10 days of his political life.” (Source)

FOX: Muslim Prayers on Capitol Hill Included Al-Qaeda Leader and ‘Jihadist-in-Training’ Government

“There is a pattern of seriously bad actors not just being involved with, but leading this organization.” Read More »

One thought on “The hollow hand salute & the heartless pledge”

  1. to the poster of the billion words…. your words are hollow and meaningless. You only have your words, the actions of the millions of muslim extremists are more accurate to the Koran. You can say one thing, but the others prove your words mute. You can not fool all of us, and you know this.. you muslims have been killing Christians for almost 2000 years, and you continue to do it. That is history, you can try to put a spin on it, but truth is truth. Good day to you…..

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